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September 17, 2021
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(updated on 12/2/2022)

If you enjoy collecting the badges you earn when completing Jeep's list of "Badge of Honor Trails," we have compiled a succinct list for you to start checking them off one by one.  These trails are scattered from east to west and range in difficulty from easy to extreme.  The list seems to always be evolving.  Click the hyperlinks to read the Trails Offroad Guides about the specific trails. 

Not surprisingly, Utah has the most Jeep Badge of Honor Trails with ten.  There are 62 trails or parks over 23 states to go conquer.   The two most remote trails would be Black Gap 4x4 Trail in Big Bend National Park near the Mexican border and Monument Ridge in the Teton National Park. 



See all Arizona trails

Arizona has thousands of miles of off-road jeep trails to explore, many of which we consider world-class.  If you take on Schnebly Hill, you might as well add Broken Arrow to your day as well. 

  1. Schnebly Hill Trail 
  2. New in 2020 Table Mesa Road - (our guide includes New River Canyon.)
  3. New in 2021 Backway to Crown King


See all California trails

California has some of the best off-road opportunities in the country.  Perhaps the most famous trail of them all is on this list, The Rubicon Trail.    

  1. Dusy Ershim
  2. Gold Mountain
  3. Holcomb Creek
  4. John Bull
  5. Pinyon Mountain Trail 
  6. The Rubicon Trail


See all Nevada trails

  1. New in 2021 - Rocky Gap


See all Oregon trails

All within Tillamook State Park, these trails surely will not disappoint.  Be sure to check out all the other amazing off-road jeep trails in this area. 

  1. Cedar Tree #13
  2. Firebreak 5 #14



See all Colorado trails

As well, Colorado is home to some of the most famous off-road jeep trails around.  We would recommend you don't limit yourself to just these trails, as there are hundreds of other amazing trails to explore. 

  1. Black Bear Pass
  2. Engineer Pass
  3. Holy Cross
  4. Imogene Pass
  5. Ophir Pass
  6. Poughkeepsie Gulch


See all Montana trails

  1. Black Tail Wild Bill Trail combines several trails:  Blacktail OHV Trail aka Blacktail - Wildbill ORV Trail, Upper Dayton Creek, Wild Bill Eagle Mountain Trail, and the Original Blacktail OHV Trail. 


See all Utah trails

It is no wonder that Utah leads the list with 11 trails.  Most of these are right within the immediate area of Moab, considered to be one of the best places to explore off-road jeep trails.  

  1. Cliff Hanger
  2. Elephant Hill
  3. Fins and Things
  4. Hell’s Revenge 
  5. Hole in the Rock 
  6. Metal Masher 
  7. Poison Spider 
  8. Pritchett Canyon 
  9. Steel Bender 
  10. Top of the World
  11. New in 2021- Golden Spike


See all Wyoming trails

It is no wonder that Wyoming finally made it to the list.   Such an incredible state with so many trails! 

  1. Monument Ridge



See all Arkansas trails

These trails will surely pump your adrenaline within the Hot Springs OHV Park.  

  1. Fun Run
  2. Rubicon Ridge
  3. Snake


See all Indiana trails

All of these trails lie within the Redbird State Recreation Area.   Redbird State Recreation area utilizes a color coding system different from what you find on Trails Offroad. 

The Park describes its map colors as follows:
Green = Beginner Level, Easiest
Blue = Intermediate Level, More Difficult
Black = Advanced Level, Most Difficult
Red = Expert Level, Extremely DIfficult

  1. Trail #2X
  2. Trail #3 
  3. Trail #3X
  4. Trail #5 is a combination of 5 Green, 5 Blue, and 5X.


See all Kentucky trails

  1. Turkey Bay has hundreds of potential trails.  


See all Michigan trails

Within the Turtle Ridge Off-road Park. 

  1. South Marble Head Loop
  2. Holly Oaks ORV Park.  Holly Oaks is an offroad park with several options, from mild to wild.  The Lower Loop is a good starter route to familiarize yourself with the Park when visiting. 


See all Missouri trails

All within the Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR).

  1. Guard Rail
  2. Pee Wee’s Crossing


See all Texas trails

Close to Mexico, Big Bend National Park will not disappoint! 

  1. Black Gap 4x4 Trail
  2. Northwest ORV Park
  3. New in 2021- Hidden Falls Adventure Park



See all Alabama trails

Both of these trails lay within the Stony Lonesome OHV Park. 

  1. Gut Buster is actually trail #17, while #508 is the Access Road. 
  2. Trail #404 
  3. Switchback to Who's Your Daddy #500


See all Florida trails

  1. Tread Lightly Four Wheel Drive Way.   We now have the complete trail guide for this fun offroad trail in Florida! 


See all Georgia trails

Beasley Knob is actually a system of trails within the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. Believe it or not, Georgia has a number of really fun and interesting off-road jeep trails to explore. 

  1. Beasley Knob OHV

New Hampshire

See all New Hampshire trails

Jericho Mountain is an off-road park in New Hampshire.  The Park separates its full-size trails into colors using the following system: 

  • Green: Easiest.  A lightly modified vehicle with at least 33" tires and a winch is recommended.
  • Blue: More Difficult: A modified vehicle with at least 35" tires, a locker, and a winch is recommended.
  • Black: Most Difficult.  A heavily modified vehicle with at least 38" tires, a locker, and a winch is mandatory.
  • Red: Extreme.  Custom-built vehicles with at least 40" tires, (2) lockers, (2) winches, and a roll cage are mandatory.

Of those categories, the Greens and Blacks make up most of the park, with the Reds and Blues being very short.   While the trails referenced as "green" might make it sound that these trails are "easy," the Park notates them as the "easiest" in the Park, which they are.  But that doesn't make them easy based on the Trails Offroad rating system.  

We have guides on the "Green" section of the network. 

  1. Jericho Mountain 4x4 Trail

North Carolina

See all North Carolina trails

Don't bypass the other great trails in the Uwharrie National Forest while taking this monster on. 

  1. Dickey Bell Trail #91


See all Pennsylvania trails

  1. Crawl Daddy
  2. Crawler Ridge
  3. Trail #11

South Carolina

See all South Carolina trails

  1. New in 2021 - Gulches Offroad Vehicle Park.  The Gulches is an offroad park with dozens and dozens of short trails. 


See all Tennessee trails

All of these fine trails are within Windrock Park. 

  1. Panther Rock Trail #51 
  2. Trail #16 
  3. Trail #26 


See all Virginia trails

  1. Peters Mill Run

West Virginia

See all West Virginia trails

  1. Bearwallow - The Hatfield - McCoy Trail System.  Bearwallow is a park, not a specific trail.  You can find the Outer Green Loop as a good gateway trail to drive. 


To find out how to collect your badges, head over to Jeep's page and download their app. 


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