About Us

Too many times we've been on trails that have either bored us to death or scared us to death. And then one afternoon, we arrived at a closed trailhead after a long drive on the one free weekend we'd had in months. Trails Offroad LLC was forged that day from our personal experience and out of necessity for excellent off-road trail intel. Time is precious. Let's get out there.

Who is Trails Offroad?

We are a team of local off-road trail enthusiasts. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive and current resource for off-road trails throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our contributors are passionate explorers just like you -- knee-deep in mud, dirt and rock testing trails so you don't have too. We compile detailed reports from hundreds of experienced off-road experts and outdoor lovers who've navigated each route to create a guide for thousands of trails for you to explore. From iconic overland routes, desert and mountain trails, remote mud bogs, hidden lakes, swimming and fishing holes, ghost towns and old mines to the farthest backroad path or extreme trek that will rip your rig apart, we've got it all. Adventure awaits.

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