About Us

We have all been on a trail that has either bored us to death or scared us to death. Neither of the two scenarios are fun. Our last straw was arriving at a closed trailhead. After driving hours on the one free weekend we had in months only to be turned back, we were not happy! Time is precious. Trails Offroad LLC was forged out of the necessity for excellent trail intel.

We are all about your Adventure Threshold

We solve the problem of finding off-road trails that suits your adventure threshold by providing comprehensive and current trail guides. You need to know what you are getting into before you are deep into being bored to death or scared to death.

Who is Trails Offroad?

We are not just one person, we are hundreds of people. We are local off-road and overland enthusiasts writing about our local trails for the betterment of our community and your trip. We are a dedicated and passionate group providing our community with the most accurate, relevant, and current off-road trail and route guides. We are committed to creating these guides for thousands of trails in the United States and Canada

Off-road adventure is in our blood. One of our Contributors described her passion as: "Mud, Dirt, Rock – I want my Jeep wearing it." While another when referring to his stock Toyota Tacoma stated: "I think of myself more as an explorer rather than a tinkerer." Some of us were born into it. When recalling childhood, another contributor stated: "I grew up in the back of various 4x4's." We can all relate to one of our Contributors whom after the passing of a loved one reflected: "My Wife and I realized life is just too damn short and it's time to live."

The off-road adventure lifestyle is the core of who we are and what we offer. We think of ourselves as modern-day cartographers for off-road adventurers. We explore, map, and document the off-road trails that suit every level of off-road adventure. Our Contributors make up a cross section of the off-road world and write detailed off-road trail guides for all trail types. We document iconic overland routes, desert, and mountain trails, trails to remote mud bogs, hidden lakes, swimming holes, fishing locations, ghost towns, old mines, and even the extreme and gnarly trails sure to rip your rig apart. We are diverse in our vehicle of choice for exploration. In our garages you will find models made by Jeep, Toyota, Mercury, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, Land Rover, Subaru and the list is growing.

A Sense of Your Community and Belonging

What brings us together is our passion for being on the trail. What is being proven every day is that the best off-road community in the world is forming around the simple concept of being on the trail and it's happening right here at trailsoffroad.com. Each day our community is enhanced with hundreds of helpful trail reviews, star ratings, and questions being answered in a kind and supportive manner. Your trip reviews and star ratings are as helpful as our guides! Let's share this adventure together on any social media outlet by hash tagging #trailsoffroad.

We look forward to reading your trail reviews and sharing in your adventure.

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