This is Trails Offroad™

Our Mission
To provide the best, most accurate, relevant, and current offroad trail information fostering personal adventure for the many.

We Provide

Inspiration for those looking for new offroad adventures.
Peace of mind for those new to offroading.
We do this by making the best offroad Trail Guides known to this world.

Our Motivation

Too often, we've been on trails that have bored or scared us to death. And then, one day, we found ourselves rescuing fellow offroaders who were in trail conditions way over their heads. The concept of Trails Offroad was forged that day from our personal experience and out of necessity for excellent offroad trail intel. We are offroad nerds and employ experts in Overlanding, Rock Crawling, Backcountry Exploration, Weekend Trips, and Camping. We create highly detailed Trails Offroad Guides that inspire new adventures and help the newer offroaders find trails that meet their capabilities.
We Value

Your feedback. Trails Offroad reviews all member input that reinforces what we do well or tells us how to improve.

Your limits. Not everyone wants an extreme rock crawling trail, and not everyone wants a backcountry drive.

Offering an affordable and valuable selection of offroad Trail Guides. In fact, they will save you lost time that can never be replaced.

An expansive, legal motorized trail network across the country and support those that fight for it.

Proper trail etiquette.

Volunteering and partnering with organizations that keep trails open and clean.

Creating easy to use and easy-to-understand Trail Guides.

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Behind the Scenes

With an unquenchable thirst for the offroad lifestyle, we left the fancy board rooms and office buildings behind. We work remotely and balance time on the trail with product development and spending time with our community. Our corporate team spends at least 3 months a year living on the trail creating new content, updating content, and dreaming up the next best way to put the best trail information into our Member's hands. We continually invest back into the Company through new and improved content and technology.

What People are Saying

A must have for the off-road junkie
I have used this site for years and am so pumped there's an app!! I love the maps, detailed trail descriptions that include obstacles and other important points, ability to review the trail, and give an opinion on how it's rated.
This App is simply the best for what it does
Don't get me wrong, I use Gaia, OnX, and all trails, they are all good for different things. But when you just want to simply see an easy layout of trails in an area with directly and difficulty (with built in way points and pictures), this app is...
Best Company Ever
This will be my first ever review and the only reason I'm writing this review is because this company deserves it! I've been relying on these maps and trail reviews every single year for the past few years on any and all camping trips...
Our Innovations

The first to utilize a video with each Trail Guide.

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Our Innovations

The first to utilize vetted and paid contributors across North America to create offroad trail guides.

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Our Innovations

The first to create the Advanced Technical Rating System that incorporates specific concerns and a multi-check system for accuracy.

Our Innovations 3 Photo
Our Innovations

The first to offer an expansive national trail guide database. Not only regional or state centric.

Our Innovations 4 Photo
Our Innovations

The first to present offroad trails color-coded by difficulty.

Our Innovations 5 Photo
Our Innovations

The first to offer Follow Mode, a GPS driven, waypoint-by-waypoint trail guide within a mobile app.

Our Innovations 6 Photo
Our Innovations

The first to specifically document dispersed camping opportunities along 4WD roads.

Our Innovations 7 Photo
Our Innovations

The first to create a consistent experience with truly comprehensive Trail Guides that include: Waypoints, Highlight, Trail Description, Advanced Technical Rating, Video, Camping, Member Reviews, Member Consensus, GPX Track.

Our Innovations 8 Photo
Our Innovations

Thousands of firsts at creating Trail Guides in remote areas.

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Founder Story

Todd Taylor founded Trails Offroad in the fall of 2013 to help fellow offroaders to find trails and roads that provide them with the level of adventure they want. The idea was conceived out of necessity. During the spring of 2013, Todd spent a weekend driving up and down Highway 285 in Colorado, looking for passable trails. He never found a passable trail, but he rescued three people and their vehicles over that weekend, all of which had been in situations beyond their capabilities. This trip, like many others, was a failure, and he drove home dejected. On the drive home, he thought about all the times he wasted his precious recreation time on trails that were either too boring, too scary, or not as expected. He couldn't let one thought go:
"There just has to be a better way to find accurate offroad trail information."
He pulled into his driveway and started walking into his house, and the idea came to him in those 20 footsteps. "How cool would it be if I could find 100 people across the country to create ultra-detailed guides about the trails they know by the back of their hand and keep them updated regularly." He spent the next year formulating plans of what would make the best type of trail guide format that could be replicated across the nation. What you see on Trails Offroad today still fits the edict he created of finding the perfect offroad trail, maximizing recreation time, and knowing before you go.
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