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26E219 - Bald Mountain - Shaver Lake, California
Technical Rating: 3-8
Difficulty: Easy-Difficult
Length: 4.4 Miles
Duration: about 2 hours
Status: Open

26E219 - Bald Mountain

Shaver Lake, California

This scenic 4x4 trail includes something for everyone with its numerous difficult lines that can be bypassed by those looking for an easier route. At the peak of Bald Mountain and Hollywood Hill, you will find panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Shaver Lake and the San Joaquin Valley. If the daytime views aren't enough for you, head to the tower at sunset and watch the sun fade into the night time lights of Fresno below. 26E219 - Bald Mountain is only one of many off-road trails in the Bald Mountain OHV area which sits just east of Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest.

Badger Valley Loop Nevada - Alamo, Nevada
Technical Rating: 1-3
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 26.1 Miles
Duration: about 2 hours
Status: Open

Badger Valley Loop Nevada

Alamo, Nevada

The Badger Valley is a high desert valley located between Badger Mountain to the west, and the East Pahroc Mountain Range to the east.

The many beautiful panoramic vistas of valleys, deserts, and mountains is astounding. There are also ample opportunities to view wildlife, including deer, bighorn sheep, and wild horses. Due to the abundance of wildlife, it is a popular area for hunters. The Badger Valley Loop is a short and easy trail for one interested in nature photography.

The north part of the offroad trail is bordered on the northwest by a section of the Basin & Range National Monument called The Shooting Gallery. This area is an excellent place to discover ancient Native American petroglyphs, some of which are 3000 years old.

Between Alamo and Rachel NV is the site of the Devonian Alamo Bolide Impact when, 367 million years ago, one or more meteors slammed into the earth. Unfortunately, the exact location of the impact zone has been obscured by time. For those interested in geology, there are still many signs of this event still visible such as impact breccia, distorted limestones and high levels of iridium.

The area around Badger Valley is bordered on the south by the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and on the south and east by the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. North is the Basin & Range National Monument. West of Badger Mountain is the Nellis Air Force Testing range where the nuclear testing was done in the 1950s until the surface ban in the early 1960s.

Oriflamme Canyon - Julian, California
Technical Rating: 5-7
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.2 Miles
Duration: about 2 hours
Status: Open

Oriflamme Canyon

Julian, California

Situated in the southwest corner of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Oriflamme Canyon Trail runs up from the hot and dry Colorado Desert into the more moderate climate of the Laguna Mountains. The trail was initially used as a mountain pass by the Native Americans, and the Spanish, Mexicans, and American settlers have all used the route over the years. It offers beautiful, remote scenery with a wide variety of topography along the route. Today the trail is a somewhat lesser-known destination for off-roaders looking for a challenging and scenic adventure.

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