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Dusy-Ershim  Trail - Shaver Lake, California
Technical Rating: 8-10
Difficulty: Difficult-Extreme
Length: 31.0 Miles
Duration: 4 days
Status: Seasonal Closure

Dusy-Ershim Trail

Shaver Lake, California

If you haven't heard of the Dusy-Ershim trail yet, you will soon. Many believe this is the newest hardest multiday off-road trip you can do today. The trail is comprised of both overland and rock crawling. If you ask someone that has recently done the Rubicon, they will say this trail is about 3-6 times harder. The Dusy-Ershim offers some of the hardest wheeling around, from mile long rocky hill climbs, to very technical obstacles, to some of the most amazing camping & fishing you have ever done in your life. The views have something to be said about too. Just be warned, this isn't an easy trip, even the most built rigs will leave this trail with mechanical failure. Be prepared, because body damage is almost guaranteed, even for the best drivers. If you are up to the challenge, expect the trip to take you in the range of 3-5 days.

3N16 - Holcomb Valley - Big Bear Lake, California
Technical Rating: 1-2
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 26.0 Miles
Duration: about 2 hours
Status: Open

3N16 - Holcomb Valley

Big Bear Lake, California

3N16 provides a scenic, enjoyable drive for all offroad enthusiasts. At roughly 26 miles long, this overland trail will take you through the backwoods of the San Bernardino National Forest. Along with some great views, 3N16 also has a historic route for which more information can be found at Big Bear Discovery Center or the trail review, Gold Fever Trail.

3N16 is the main connector between most of the trails in Big Bear including Holcomb Creek, Dishpan Springs, John Bull, White Mountain, Gold Mountain, and many more. Just be warned that there are several water crossings along this trail that can swell up in flash flood conditions. While snow on this trail can get over 5 feet deep in the winter. Please plan accordingly and travel in pairs.

The Rubicon Trail - Pollock Pines, California
Technical Rating: 6-10
Difficulty: Moderate-Extreme
Length: 17.1 Miles
Duration: 3 days
Status: Open

The Rubicon Trail

Pollock Pines, California

The Rubicon/McKinney Road in Northern California got its name because it crosses the Rubicon River at one point near Lake Tahoe. Originally established in the 1800's, the road was used as a stagecoach road between Georgetown and Lake Tahoe. After the hotels went out of business, the road began to deteriorate. Because of this, in 1952, several residents of Georgetown held a meeting to discuss the possibility of an organized Jeep tour from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe, via the Rubicon Trail. On August 29, 1953, 55 Jeeps with 155 enthusiastic participants left Georgetown on a two-day trip that is now known as "Jeepers Jamboree 1." Since then, the Jeepers Jamboree organization has moved the event to the last weekend of July. Now it's a four-wheelers tradition of these "pioneers."

Today, almost everyone has heard of The Rubicon Trail. Believed to be the Super Bowl of offroad trails, this extreme trail is a must-do destination for all offroaders, overlanders, and rock crawlers. Comprised of miles of nonstop 4-low rock crawling, this trail is going to test your driving skills and your vehicle. According to who you talk to, this trail is scary intense to a weekend camping trip. But don't be fooled, this trail should never be underestimated for one second.

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