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The Best Tips to Experience the King of the Hammers!

King of the Hammers is an annual event that typically runs for 9 days, starting at the end of January. If you have never heard of the King of the Hammers before, it is a weeklong off-road festival that some would consider “the toughest one-day off-road race in the world.” 60,000 people gather in Johnson Valley, California, to partake in or watch the action.
Josh Noesser - January 26, 2023

Required: 2023 Utah Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program

Starting January 1, 2023, Utah will require all OHV operators to complete the Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Education Course. Let's look at what that entails.
Ariana Dufour - December 30, 2022

Trail Status 101: From Open to Permanently Closed

Trails Offroad™ trail statuses are a key piece of information to know before kicking off any off-road adventure. Is a trail Open, closed for the season, or maybe even permanently closed? Let's talk about what each can mean.
Ariana Dufour - December 22, 2022

Phoenix Valley to Indio: An Overland Odyssey

The allure of overlanding long distances is a siren song for many offroaders and adventurers. Unfortunately, there are few places in the United States where you can drive for days and not see a street light or find yourself tip-toeing across private land.
Todd Taylor - November 10, 2022

MOAB Trails are in Danger of Closure

Your voice is needed to save 437 MILES of the most unique and cherished off-road trails in Moab from closure to motorized vehicles!
Todd Taylor - September 16, 2022

Rigs and Coffee SLC - Kicking Off the Weekend with the Equipt Crew

Trails Offroad had the pleasure of joining the Equipt Expedition Outfitters crew for their monthly Rigs and Coffee event in Salt Lake City for September.
Ariana Dufour - September 12, 2022