Welcome to the family

We are so glad to have you here and hope to meet you on the trails. We offer our trail guides on the web and our apps. We always recommend researching for trails that suit you on the website, then taking the iOS or Android app with you in the field.

website vs. apps
what's the difference?

The apps are designed for field use and work entirely offline. The app has the same Waypoint, Advanced Technical Rating, and Route information as the web, but the videos and photos are not part of the offline package to save on-device storage. The website includes all photos and videos.

your dashboard

When you log in on the web, your dashboard is where you can manage your account, profile, garage, see your favorites list, and learn about the new features that we always have coming out.

Understanding Our Memberships

We have two types of memberships:

Free Membership - Our free membership, no card required.
All-Access Membership - Seriously the best mod ever!

The significant difference between the two Memberships is that All-Access Members receive all of our trail data and member-only trail guides. Basic Members receive only All-Access Preview Guides and Limited Access Guides.

types of trail guides

We know you are ready to hit the trails but let us first help you navigate our award-winning content.

All-Access Preview Trail Guides
For free members, these are a sneak peek at All-Access guides.
Limited Access Trail Guides
Get the high-level details of our guide for free, such as basic rating and hero image.
All-Access Trail Guides
Our fully detailed trail guides exclusively for our All-Access Members. See all portions of the trail guides including Advanced Rating System, Trail Video, Waypoints, and more.
Scout Routes
A gift for our All-Access Members. We have scouted these trails but haven't created full trail guides yet. Let us know which Scout Routes you'd like to see become full trail guides with an up-vote!

What information is in the Trail Guides

The trail guides present information in specific sections of the guide. As you read through the guide, you will start with an overview of the trail with its basic information:
Understanding the Organization of the Map

All-Access Members see the map color-coded by difficulty, with an expandable legend in the lower right corner. You can also search the map by Trail Name or by Place in the upper left. Click on any trail to read more!

Missing or Empty Areas on the Map

This means we need a team of writers in that area. We would invite you to Become a Writer or submit a scout route.

Getting Support and Providing Improvement

We are always open to a good suggestion or if you need help, reach us via our Contact Us Page.

More of a visual learner?

We get it, that's why we work hard to produce awesome content to help. You can watch these videos and more on our Getting Started page.

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