51 - Panther Rock

Oliver Springs, Tennessee (Anderson County)

Last Updated: 11/06/2019
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Highlight: 51 - Panther Rock
This trail, located on the edge of Windrock Park, affords the opportunity to visit the scenic overlook at Panther Rock. With an amazing view of the surrounding mountains, as well as down into the valley, prepare to have your breath taken away. This is the perfect spot for a lunch picnic, or a romantic dinner at sunset. Or, if you're an early riser, we don't see why you couldn't have a romantic breakfast at sunrise either. Due to the amazing view it provides, as well as the challenging aspect of the trail, the general consensus is that this is a "you need to do it at least once" kind of trail. If you're visiting Windrock Park during the fall when the leaves are changing, this a no-brainer "must hit it" trail.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
This easily spotted trailhead has room for a smaller group to air down at.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Windrock Park Campground, Tennessee

Starting from the campground office, travel south down Windrock Park Ln. Turn left onto Windrock Rd. Turn right on to E Tri County Blvd. and then prepare to make an immediate left after 498 feet at the traffic light. Turn left at the light onto Winter Gap Rd. and travel .1 miles to the stop sign. Turn left onto Railroad Ave. and travel .3 miles where Railroad Ave. makes a slight right and turns into Knox St. Travel 374 feet to the stop sign. Turn left at the stop sign onto TN-330 N/E Spring St. Travel 1.5 miles and turn left on to Frost Bottom Rd. to continue down TN-330. Travel 7.2 miles to the stop sign and turn left onto TN-116 S. Travel 2.8 miles and then turn right onto Braden Flats Rd. Travel 1.4 miles, at which point the hardtop turns to dirt. Continue another .3 miles down Braden Flats Rd to the marked trailhead on the left.


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Q: Thanks for such a detailed writeup. I’m trying to determine trails my Jeep can handle. My wife is inexperienced but bright if that helps lol and I have a little experience only on some mild off camber easy trails. I’d like to get back into trail riding and have concerns here. Any ledges to climb or drop off of? It’s still newer and we don’t want to rip panels and bumpers off. I don’t have a hitch/stinger to take the hit either. Tires will be 33.2 to 34. No lockers. Patagonia MT or Ridge Grapplers. I’ve got a good head on my shoulders and I’m careful. Lastly, is that a big crevice I see that needs to be crossed to park on Panther Rock overlook? Thanks. I guess I’m just looking for extra assurance. It would be great to have another trail driver along so I’ll reach out on O.B, FB, etc prior. Thanks for your service too btw. I was and F-16 Crew Chief.
–Daniel Kilfoile (01/20/2020)
–Brandon McCullough (01/21/2020)

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Brandon McCullough

Mapping Crew - Arkansas

Brandon is an avid camper, and thorough follower of the motto "pack light; freeze at night". Spending 6 years in the Marine Corps Infantry, he learned to sleep on the ground under the stars. No tent required. After purchasing his Nissan Xterra and joining the off road community, he has learned to get a little more comfortable since his rig is carrying the gear now; instead of himself. Brandon spends most of his time with his dog Yams, or doing one of the following: working in the garage on his Nissan Xterra, Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo, Volkswagen TDI Golf, spending time at the rifle range, out on the water kayaking and Trout fishing, at a NASCAR race, or on the trails in his Xterra.
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