Hole in the Rock Trail

Halls Crossing, Utah (San Juan County)

Last Updated: 07/24/2021
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Highlight: Hole in the Rock Trail
Imagine yourself in the slickrock of Moab. Now, on that one trail that tested your rig's abilities time and time again. Lastly, picture yourself on that epic multi-day adventure away from the stress of everyday life. Now, combine each of those aspects into one breathtaking bucket list-worthy opportunity. That is just the surface of this grandiloquent adventure. Pack up your vehicle and prepare your mind to follow along a path rich in history dating back to the winter of 1879. The Mormon Pioneers decided to try a shortcut from the town of Escalante to what is now the town of Bluff. 6 weeks planned was the journey that quickly became a 6-month mission to reach their final destination. Once they transported their wagons and equipment across the Colorado River (now Lake Powell), they found that their journey was about to become arduous. Today, we have the ability to experience this strenuous trek in the comfort of motorized transport; however, it is a far cry from relaxing and easy. This journey will push you and your rig over the course of 16+ hours. Although it may be technical and demanding, be sure to bring your family and friends on this lifetime experience, taking in some of the most incredible sights that this part of Utah has to offer.
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