Cedar Tree / Tillamook State Forest

Banks, Oregon (Tillamook County)

Last Updated: 07/03/2022
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Highlight: Cedar Tree / Tillamook State Forest
Cedar Tree is an aptly named trail deep in the Tillamook State Forest where the highlight is a huge fallen cedar trunk that short enough vehicles can drive underneath. The iconic site of the fallen cedar tree (Waypoint 7) is a favorite place for photographs of 4x4 rigs. Along the way to the cedar tree, the Cedar Tree trail wanders through some of the prettiest and most interesting sections of the forest. A large, deep depression is often filled with water and makes for an interesting challenge to cross. An ancient tree stump hides a shelf that can catch the unsuspecting driver by surprise. Scrambling through a section of trail filled with roots can occasionally result in a damaged suspension or steering mechanism. While stock vehicles can make it through Cedar Tree, careful and attentive driving, and a bit of good spotting will make the drive much more enjoyable. Cedar Tree is one of the highlights of Tillamook State Forest and should not be missed. Just be sure to compare the height of a vehicle to the clearance on the cedar trunk before attempting to go underneath.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trail starts just down the road from the end of University Firepower Part 2. Look for the sign and dirt path that climbs up the hill.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Banks

This trail is accessed from waypoint 6 of the University Firepower Part 2 trail.



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Q: I will be traveling with a tear drop off road trailer. Any where near the trail I could drop it in order to do the trail?
–Cipriano Rivera (05/22/2021)
–Douglas Van Bossuyt (05/22/2021)
Q: Looking at the map, is the exit road actually called Beaver Dam road? (or maybe the beavers were successful and the creek is now a dam..)
–Jason H Martin (08/25/2020)
–Douglas Van Bossuyt (08/25/2020)
Q: How do I use the downloaded GPX file? Can it be use on my iPhone or iPad?
–Dave “Pappywags” Wagner (06/21/2019)
–Douglas Van Bossuyt (06/21/2019)
Q: Do I need a permit to drive with my jeep through the trails of Tillamook?
–Yasser (10/24/2018)
–Zane R Brown (07/16/2020)
–Douglas Van Bossuyt (10/25/2018)

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Douglas grew up riding in the back of pickups in Oregon and California. He comes from a long line of overlanders and adventurers dating back to the Mayflower and the Oregon Trail. During a stint working in Colorado, Douglas fell in love with the offroad scene and immediately gravitated toward the Toyota crowd. His first 4x4 was a 1988 Toyota 4runner nicknamed Goldilocks. After a year of running many of the iconic trails throughout the front range in the fully stock Goldilocks running on bald tires, it was time for an upgrade. Goldilocks went off to a new home and the Albino Rhino came home. The Albino Rhino is a built 1986 Toyota 4runner ready for any adventure anywhere at any time. During the week, Douglas works on systems engineering and architecture problems in California. Douglas also enjoys backpacking -- especially in the central Sierras in California -- scuba diving along the Oregon and California coasts, and riding his motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway. Most weeknights you can find Douglas under his truck in the driveway performing maintenance or fixing the latest trail damage.
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