Original Blacktail OHV Trail

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Lakeside, Montana (Flathead County)
Last Updated: 10/14/2022

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Snow Wheeling
As the name suggests, Original Blacktail OHV Trail was the first trail used to create artificial challenge features in the Blacktail-Wildbill ORV Trail system. Rollercoaster-like hills and acrobatic bridges along this route will have you feeling more like you are at an amusement park than in a National Forest. Located near Kalispell, in the Flathead National Forest and designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1979, it was not until the 2000's that members from two local 4-wheel drive clubs were given the "OK" to create numerous artificial challenge features along several forest roads that now make up the three legs of the Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail system. Original Blacktail is the shortest trail in the ORV system, but combining this with all other trails in the area makes for a fantastic multi-day trip where you get to see the northernmost Jeep Badge of Honor (BOH) Trail.

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Original Blacktail is a mile-long side spur off of the Blacktail OHV Trail. This straight-through trail is narrow and rarely wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other without someone having to pull off into the trees/bushes. There are two obstacles from large logs and multiple areas where the road rollercoasters up and down steep berms. This trail is a step up in difficulty from the main Blacktail OHV Trail. Long vehicles with low break-over angles or big overhangs, such as pickup trucks, should avoid this trail due to the steep berms. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with pulling off the trail into tight trees and brush, possibly scratching your paint to avoid oncoming traffic, this trail should be avoided. This trail is best suited for high clearance, short wheelbase vehicles.
Two-way traffic with minimal pullout opportunities.

Trail Reviews

4/5 (1)
Official Crew
Rated 4/5
Visited: 08/14/2022

Although super short, this trail is a great addition to the main Blacktail trail if you are looking for a few small entertaining obstacles. Probably not good for trucks without lifts, and probably not good if two big groups met each other, but definitely more fun than staying on the main Blacktail road to Truman Saddle as it's just a boring dirt road in that stretch.

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