Imogene Pass

Telluride, Colorado (Ouray County)

Last Updated: 08/04/2022
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Imogene Pass is truly an icon of the beautiful state of Colorado. Offering gorgeous scenery and traversing Colorado backcountry rich in mining history, Imogene Pass offers an opportunity to look back into time and relive what it would have been like to live and work in this area. What was at one point one of the richest gold and silver mining areas in Colorado, the remnants of huge mining structures and machines are plentiful. Information about these areas are documented along the route on permanent signs and placards. Book-ended by the beautiful towns of Telluride and Ouray at either end of the trail, Imogene Pass offers travelers the ability to get away from civilization yet never being very far from a warm meal and bed if that's what is desired. More information, as well as an intriguing look at some of these mines in their heyday is available from


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trailhead appears to be an alley behind neighborhood homes in the area. However, the trail is well marked and the Forest Service signs are present from the very beginning. Be advised that this first stretch of trail is a residential area, please make sure to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Telluride, CO

This trail can be run from west to east (Telluride to Ouray), or from east to west (Ouray to Telluride). **Telluride to Ouray:** As you drop down into Telluride on Main Street, Turn north on Fir Street, make the first left on Columbia Avenue and then take the first right onto North Oak Street. You'll be headed uphill on Oak Street in a residential area. At the very end of the street, turn right...You'll feel like you're driving in an alley behind people's houses, but this is actually the trail head. (see route description from here). **Ouray to Telluride:** From the south end of Ouray, turn right at the entrance to Box Canyon Falls (first left handed switchback heading south). This is Camp Bird Mine Road. This is the same road that will take you to Imogene Pass, Yankee Boy Basin and Governor Basin... It's is a fairly well maintained dirt road with a few pot holes and wash boards, but is used daily by trail users and miners (The Camp Bird Mine and Virginius-Revenue Mine are both currently active). Follow Camp Bird Mine Road approximately 4.8 miles. The entrance to Imogene Pass is marked and will be a left turn at the driveway into the Camp Bird Mine. There is an alternate entrance 1.3 miles further west, trail information on that route can be found HERE.



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Q: When in September does the trial close? Planing a trip late September.
–Kevin Stanley (06/03/2022)
–Greg Stokes (06/04/2022)
Q: What is the earliest that trails around Ouray are open? Would anything be open in early April?
–Nick Richards (01/26/2022)
–Ryan Boudreau (02/01/2022)
–Greg Stokes (01/27/2022)
Q: How does Imogene Pass compare to the rocky sections of Yankee Boy Basin (around waypoint 11)?
–George K (08/02/2021)
–Ryan Boudreau (08/05/2021)
–John (08/05/2021)
Q: I know I'm going to hear it for this one, but here it goes. . . Do you think I will have any issues on this trail in a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek with a 1.5" lift and 235/75R15 Toyo AT2's Thank you
–TJ (10/03/2020)
–Josh Spring (10/07/2020)
–TJ (10/06/2020)
–J Ranello (10/06/2020)
–Greg Stokes (10/04/2020)
Q: Which direction is the best wat to run Imogene, start in Telluride or Ouray? Or does it matter?
–Dave (07/13/2020)
–Greg Stokes (07/14/2020)
Q: Which waypoints get the higher ratings and pucker factor?
–Brock Ramsey (06/21/2020)
–Greg Stokes (06/21/2020)
Q: I know its already been asked but, any more advice about wheeling this trail with a stock screw short bed f150? Not ideal I'm sure but is it doable? Also does the trail ever open before July 1? I am planning to be in this area the week before and i am hoping it might be open.
–Isaac (04/06/2020)
–Kevin McCarley (05/01/2020)
–Greg Stokes (04/07/2020)
Q: I watched a couple videos of Imogene, start to finish. Do you see any issues with a stock TJ Sport, or JK Unlimited Sahara completing the trail? Thanks, Dave
–Dave (03/31/2020)
–Greg Stokes (04/01/2020)
Q: Good morning Greg... Leaving Durango this morning heading to Ouray. Looking for info on some trails and passes... any info would be appreciated Thanks...
–Bryan Pierce (07/01/2019)
–Ryan Boudreau (07/01/2019)
Q: Is the pass open as of 7/1/19
–Bryan Pierce (07/01/2019)
–Greg Stokes (07/01/2019)
Q: I am headed to Colorado this weekend. Is the pass open and doable with the snow?
–Dan Troxel (06/07/2019)
–Greg Stokes (06/08/2019)
Q: I'm helping my mother move (and towing my JKU behind the U-haul) from Wisconsin to Arizona in the first half of August. The way back, I've decided, will be my much needed break from that journey, and I have flexibility at work to kind of "wing it" so I can play! I want to do Engineer, Yankee Boy, and Imogene for sure and am curious about the narrow road situation... I know uphill bound vehicles have the right of way, but if you encounter a vehicle and there isn't room to pull over, what is typically done? Or are the narrow sections easy to see what is coming at you so I shouldn't worry about it?
–Yan Y Saillard (06/06/2019)
–Greg Stokes (07/02/2019)
–Yan Y Saillard (07/02/2019)
–Greg Stokes (06/06/2019)
Q: While I know this site is primarily for 4WD vehicle enthusiasts, I'd like an opinion for taking on Imogene in a 50" side by side UTV with stock clearance. In some regards the smaller size I would think would be an advantage but can't speak to ground clearence needs and other hazards. I appreciate the consideration.
–Gregg Macaluso (05/08/2019)
–Gregg Macaluso (05/09/2019)
–J Ranello (05/09/2019)
–Gregg Macaluso (05/08/2019)
–J Ranello (05/08/2019)
–Greg Stokes (05/08/2019)
Q: Can you do the trail from either direction? What makes it best done going east?
–jeff swarts (04/28/2019)
–Greg Stokes (04/28/2019)
Q: I'm planning on doing the pass this weekend in a stock f150, does anyone know of any closures or forsee any problems with a large truck?
–james cardinal (10/03/2018)
–james cardinal (10/08/2018)
Q: Is there dispersed camping any where in the area that is accessible for a 30 foot toyhauler?
–pamela shaw (09/07/2018)
–Greg Stokes (09/10/2018)
Q: Thanks for the great overview. It looks like late September could go either way, what’s the best way to find out conditions closer to later this month? Anyone want to join up September 26?
–Lee Fraser (08/31/2018)
–Lee Fraser (09/24/2018)
–Lee Fraser (09/23/2018)
–Doug Tomlinson (09/23/2018)
–Lee Fraser (09/10/2018)
–Greg Stokes (09/05/2018)
Q: Approximately how long did it take from Telluride to ouray?
–Angela gathe (08/24/2018)
–Tracy Barker (08/25/2018)
Q: I’ll be traveling solo from Ouray to Telluride in a Stock 84 Landcruiser. Think I will have any issues?
–Shawn Evans (07/26/2018)
–Tracy Barker (08/10/2018)
Q: Would I be able to do Imogene in a lifted and off road upgraded 2018 Toyota Tundra? it's a fairly wide truck
–Sean (07/17/2018)
–Lorenzo (07/22/2018)
Q: can trip be done on off road bikes
–Michael Swiderski (06/22/2018)
–Greg Stokes (06/24/2018)
Q: Panning to do this trail in a Jeep WK2 with a 2" Lift and 33s in Middle to late June as I trek from California to Georgia. Any thoughts on snow/water making it impassable? Thanks!
–Bennett (05/13/2018)
–Ryan Boudreau (05/22/2018)
Q: is Imogen pass doable in a stock 4Runner TRD Pro? I’m planning a trip this summer with the family and would like to get in several passes. Thanks.
–Tom (04/16/2018)
–John (06/28/2018)
–Greg Stokes (04/16/2018)
Q: Is this trail typically passable by early July or is there still too much snow?
–Brandon (12/07/2017)
–Brandon (12/13/2017)
–Greg Stokes (12/12/2017)

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