Upper Dayton Creek OHV Trail aka Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail System

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Lakeside, Montana (Lake County)
Last Updated: 10/14/2022

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Located near Kalispell, in the Flathead National Forest of northwest Montana, Upper Dayton Creek OHV Trail is part of a unique trail system unlike any other one in a National Forest. Designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1979, it was not until the 2000's that members from two local 4-wheel drive clubs were given the "OK" to create numerous manmade "challenge features" along several forest roads that now make up the three legs of the Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV Trail system. This trail system is the northernmost Jeep Badge of Honor (BOH) trail, and by far the most unique trail system Jeep has recognized. Obstacles include natural rock ledges, deep machine cut holes, large tractor tires, and huge logs. Jeep owners from across the country might visit this area mainly in summer, but don't be fooled. Even during the winter, this area is an off-roader's fun house.

Trail Difficulty and Assessment

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Upper Dayton Creek OHV starts at the southernmost trailhead for the Blacktail-Wild Bill ORV trail system. This straight-through route follows Forest Service Road 918 for 4.37 miles to the Truman Saddle Junction. When dry, the main road is an easy, bumpy dirt road that any high clearance 2WD vehicle can complete. However, the route offers more than 15 optional obstacles on the sides of the trail that can entertain any vehicle and any driver's experience level. Most obstacles are manmade with some natural help and are called "Challenge Features." This southwest leg makes up only one of the three legs of the ORV trail system, and Upper Dayton Creek OHV offers the most intermediate challenge features of the three legs. Challenge features along this leg utilize deep holes and a lot of large logs. The most noteworthy feature is the log tightrope at Waypoint 13. Combine this trail with Blacktail OHV and Wild Bill - Eagle Mountain to complete the entire Jeep Badge of Honor.

Trail Reviews

4/5 (1)
Official Crew
Rated 4/5
Visited: 08/14/2022

This trail is definitely more fun than Blacktail! At least for a full-size 4wd vehicle. Tons of obstacles with more variety and more that you can attempt without fear of getting turtled on nearly every obstacle. Fun trail and definitely worth the trip!

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