The Complete List of Jeep Badge of Honor Trails

Author: Todd Taylor
Date: November 9, 2019

If you enjoy collecting the badges you earn when completing Jeep's list of "Badge of Honor Trails" we have compiled a succinct list for you to start checking off one by one.  These trails are scattered from east to west and range in difficulty from easy to extreme. 

Not surprisingly, Utah has the most Jeep Badge of Honor Trails with ten.  There are 48 trails over 17 states to go conquer.  What actually is surprising to us is that Arizona only has one to its credit.  The most remote trail would be Black Gap 4x4 Trail in Big Bend National Park near the Mexican border. 


Both of these trails lay within the Stony Lonesome OHV Park. 

  1. Gut Buster 
  2. Trail #404 


Schnebly Hill.jpg

Surprisingly, Arizona only has one Jeep Badge of Honor Trail.  Arizona has thousands of miles of off-road jeep trails to explore, many of which we consider world-class.  If you take on Schnebly Hill, you might as well add Broken Arrow to your day as well. 

  1. Schnebly Hill Trail 


Fun Run.jpg

All within the Hot Springs OHV Park these trails will surely pump your adrenaline. If you are looking for a more mellow experience while wheeling in Arkansas, look to the thousands of miles of Forest Service roads.   

  1. Fun Run
  2. Rubicon Ridge
  3. Snake



California has some of the best off-road opportunities in the country.  Perhaps the most famous trail of them all is in this list, The Rubicon Trail.    

  1. Dusy Ershim
  2. Gold Mountain
  3. Holcomb Creek
  4. John Bull
  5. Pinyon Mountain Trail 
  6. The Rubicon Trail



As well, Colorado is home to some of the most famous off-road jeep trails around.  We would recommend you don't limit yourself to just these trails as there are hundreds of other amazing trails to explore. 

  1. Black Bear Pass
  2. Engineer Pass
  3. Holy Cross
  4. Imogene Pass
  5. Ophir Pass
  6. Poughkeepsie Gulch


Beasley Knob is actually a system of trails within the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. Believe it or not, Georgia has number of really fun and interesting off-road jeep trails to explore. 

  1. Beasley Knob OHV


All of these trails lay within the Redbird State Recreation Area. 

  1. Trail #2X
  2. Trail #3 
  3. Trail #3X
  4. Trail #5


Within the Turtle Ridge Off-road Park. 

  1. South Marble Head Loop


Pee Wee.jpg

All within the Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR).

  1. Guard Rail
  2. Pee Wee’s Crossing


  1. Black Tail Wild Bill Trail

North Carolina

Don't bypass the other great trails in the Uwharrie National Forest while taking this monster on. 

  1. Dickey Bell Trail #91


Cedar Tree.jpg

All within Tillamook State Park, these trails surely will not disappoint.  Be sure to check out all the other amazing off-road jeep trails in this area. 

  1. Cedar Tree #13
  2. Firebreak 5 #14


  1. Crawl Daddy
  2. Crawler Ridge
  3. Trail #11


All of these fine trails are within the Windrock Park. 

  1. Panther Rock Trail #51 
  2. Trail #16 
  3. Trail #26 


Black Gap.jpg

Close to Mexico, Big Bend National Park will not disappoint! 

  1. Black Gap 4x4 Trail



It is no wonder that Utah leads the list with ten trails.  Most of these are right within the immediate area of Moab, considered to be one of the best places to explore off-road jeep trails.  

  1. Cliff Hanger
  2. Elephant Hill
  3. Fins and Things
  4. Hell’s Revenge 
  5. Hole in the Rock 
  6. Metal Masher 
  7. Poison Spider 
  8. Pritchett Canyon 
  9. Steel Bender 
  10. Top of the World


  1. Peters Mill Run

While these are Jeep's Badge of Honor Trails, they are certainly not a representation of the best of the best.  Any trail is a good trail as long as you enjoy it!  To find out about how to collect your badges head over to Jeep's page and download their app. 

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