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April 5, 2023
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For over 50 years, Moab has been home to the biggest offroad event in the US, possibly the world, the RRW4 Easter Jeep Safari. Utah's offroading capital hosts this 9-day 4WD marathon every year with coordinated trail rides, a vendor show, and thousands of Offroad Faithful traveling from around the world to join in on the fun. Although the general Moab area boasts hundreds of amazing offroad trails, the RRW4 Easter Jeep Safari coordinated rides focus on a select group. Check out our Trail Guides and download Utah in the Trails Offroad app to access every track and detail while you're out having your epic Moab adventure! The following are in alphabetical order according to the RR4W trail list.

3-D and The Pickle

The RR4W trail known as 3-D is comprised of a combination of multiple Trails Offroad Trail Guides including: 

Behind the Rocks

Depending on how you'd like to access the trail and 

Black Dragon

Includes another mashup


Individual Trails

Buttes and Towers (aka Courthouse Rock)
Rated: Moderate
The trail offers very mild rock-crawling challenges for stock-type 4x4s on its massive stretches of sandstone. You will climb up and around the towering Courthouse Rock circle around the ledge at Pasture Butte before ending near the famous Determination Towers. For the lesser experienced offroaders, this is a great way to get the complete experience of a Moab adventure.

Cameo Cliffs (aka Hook and Ladder OHV #1)
Rated: Moderate
Right away, the soft sand underneath your tires turns into that one distinct sound that is synonymous with Moab: "chirp, chirp," as you drive across swaths of slickrock with the La Sal Mountains to the northeast and the Abajo Mountains visible in your side view mirror. This specific route, Trail #1, is in the middle of an OHV area with more trails and adventures.

Chicken Corners
Rated: Moderate
Chicken Corners is one of the more popular "easy" trails in the entire area. It follows down a beautiful shelf road and eventually runs along the Colorado River with plenty of viewpoints along the way.

Cliff Hanger
Rated: Severe
Nonstop slickrock ledges and epic canyon views await those that can calm their nerves as they traverse the side of Kane Springs Canyon en route across the only motorized trail on the Amasa Back. This trail rightfully earns its status as a Jeep Badge of Honor trail and is easily one of the most memorable trails in the Moab area.

Copper Ridge
Rated: Moderate to Difficult
Copper Ridge is a popular Easter Jeep Safari route that combines numerous trails within this scenic region north of Moab. This 23-mile trail has a wide variety of terrain and obstacles to navigate. The route has soft sand, rock crawling, hill climbs, and more. Experience and a capable vehicle are required to complete this route safely.

Crystal Geyser Jeep Trail
Rated: Moderate to Difficult
Considered the easy part of the famous Easter Jeep Safari Crystal Geyser route, this trail has unique desert views and multi-layered pinnacles of dirt that look like children's sand art. The area is rugged, isolated, and unpopulated, helping protect and repopulate the region's rare Desert Big Horn Sheep and Pronghorns.

Day Canyon Point
Rated: Difficult
A moderate 4WD trail that descends a ridge that runs between Day Canyon on the north and Long Canyon on the south. Day Canyon Point offers expansive views in front of you and ends at the scenic cliffs overlooking the mighty Colorado River.

Deadman Point Road
Rated: Moderate
Located a bit off the beaten path lies this gem of a trail. About 45 minutes north of Moab, Deadman Point has quite the ending. This trail has your typical Moab-type scenery with sagebrush and sand, but it's the views that make this all worth it. 

Deadman Spring
Rated: Easy
Words like "deadman" are never really inviting, but then again, in the desert, the term "springs" is really inviting. This short trail takes you off the beaten path into an oasis of green growth and cooler temperatures within the canyon walls tucked in under White Point.

Dome Plateau
Rated: Difficult
This four-wheel drive route is a diverse adventure packed full of several types of scenery and mixed with enough wheeling obstacles to make for a really fun and full day on the trail.

Elephant Hill
Rated: Difficult
Elephant Hill, a remote Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, takes you deep into the interior of the otherworldly scenery within the Needles District in Canyonlands National Park. Many call it one of Utah's most technical 4WD routes, which may or may not be true depending on your driving skills.

Fins and Things
Rated: Moderate to Difficult
Are you looking for a trail close to Moab that provides an iconic Moab experience and is a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail? Then start the motor and head to Sand Flats Recreation Area for Fins and Things!

Flat Iron Mesa
Rated: Difficult to Extreme
This trail will leave you feeling accomplished and tired at the very end. Almost every inch of it will test your driving skill and your vehicle's suspension.

Gold Bar Rim
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Gold Bar Rim is a fantastic offroad trail in its own right, but it is also known to be the first or last leg of the famous "Trifecta", which is comprised of Poison Spider and Golden Spike.

Golden Spike
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Easily one of the most famous off-road trails in the United States, if not the world. Golden Spike, home of the famous Golden Crack obstacle, is at the top of people's favorite trails in Moab, Utah.


Hell Roaring Rim

The RR4W route for Hell Roaring Rim is currently documented across multiple Trails Offroad Scout Routes. Give these an Up-Vote if you'd like to see the Trails Offroad Crew map these as full Trail Guides.

Individual Trails Continued

Hell's Revenge
Rated: Moderate to Extreme
Moab's Hell's Revenge is considered a must-do for many wheelers. It's also in most folks' top 5 Jeep Badge of Honor Trails. When picturing Moab, the slickrock rollercoaster, fins, steep climbs, insane traction, and the two rubber tracks cresting over the hills off into the distance of Hell's Revenge is what comes to mind.

Hey Joe Canyon
Rated: Difficult
Hey Joe Canyon is a narrow off-road trail that weaves its way along the bottom edge of the Green River Labyrinth Canyon. The route will entice you with soaring high cliffs walls on one side and the beautiful Green River on the other side of you.

Hole in the Rock
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Imagine yourself in the slickrock of Moab. Now, on that one trail that tested your rig's abilities time and time again. Lastly, picture yourself on that epic multi-day adventure away from the stress of everyday life. Now, combine each of those aspects into one breathtaking bucket list-worthy opportunity.

Hotel Rock (coming soon)

Hurrah Pass
Rated: Easy
Hurrah Pass is one of the more popular "easy" trails in the Moab area. It overlooks the Colorado River and potash evaporation ponds. Many people couple this trail with Chicken Corners and the Catacomb Spur Trail.

Jax Trax (coming soon)

Kane Creek Canyon
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Kane Creek is one of the more popular "hard" trails in the Moab area. Comprised of over 40 creek crossings, soft sand, loose rock, large ledges, steep waterfalls, deep mud, and loose dirt, this trail offers drivers everything they are looking for and more.

La Sal Pass
Rated: Moderate
La Sal Pass climbs out of the valley via Pack Creek from the Moab side. This area was hit by a devastating wildfire in 2021, resulting in a road closure. The road is now back open, but be mindful of washouts and erosion, which are common following a wildfire.

Metal Masher
Rated: Difficult to Extreme
Metal Masher is another very popular "hard" trail in the Moab area. Comprised of slick rock, sand, and dirt, this trail offers drivers everything they are looking for and more.

Moab Rim
Rated: Severe
One of the closest 4wd trails to the town of Moab, Moab Rim is a difficult and dangerous trail that requires your undivided attention but rewards you with awe-inspiring views of the Colorado River and the town of Moab.

Poison Spider Mesa
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Poison Spider is one of the most popular and challenging trails in the area. You get amazing wheeling, and you can also take in the inspiring Little Arch with a view of the Colorado River behind it. The bold will continue to Golden Spike, Where Eagles Dare, and finish on Gold Bar Rim.

Porcupine Rim
Rated: Difficult
Don't miss this gem in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. While not as famous as other local trails, it is well worth the time and effort it takes to run this route.

Pritchett Canyon
Rated: Extreme
Probably one of the most recognized names in the off-road community, Pritchett Canyon is the trail of all trails. It is full of insane and epic rock-crawling challenges. This offroad trail will test even the most experienced drivers and built machines.

Rose Garden Hill
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Ever gotten stuck going downhill? That is a definite possibility on this trail. Used as the only connecting route between Top of the World and Onion Creek, this trail has a little of everything.

Secret Spire
Rated: Moderate
The Secret Spire shouldn't be a secret. It is just too beautiful. Although, if you only took the main Spring Canyon Point Road and drove by, it would remain a secret to you as it is well hidden from the main area.

Seven Mile Rim
Rated: Moderate to Difficult
Are you looking for a Moab offroad trail that isn't over the top like "Metal Masher" or "Hell's Revenge"? Sevenmile Rim is the perfect trail to gain confidence to tackle those more difficult trails or soak in the sights.

Steel Bender
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Extremely close to town and easy to access, this trail offers an entire Moab experience in just over 9.5 miles. With towering Canyon walls, water crossings, sand dunes, slickrock fins, epic views, and ledges requiring the famous "Moab Bump", Steel Bender is non-stop fun and perfect for any adventure seeker or Jeep Badge of Honor trail hunter.

Top of the World
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Whenever you see the photo of an offroad-ready rig on a sandstone slab jutting out over a glorious-looking red valley, that's this trail. That is right, Top of the World is a famous trail!

Wipe-Out Hill
Rated: Difficult to Severe
Wipe-Out Hill is undoubtedly an intimidating trail name, but in no way should the one optional obstacle be the only reason for running this trail. There is so much more.


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