Hook and Ladder OHV #1 (Cameo Cliffs)

Monticello, Utah (San Juan County)

Last Updated: 04/10/2022
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Highlight: Hook and Ladder OHV #1 (Cameo Cliffs)
Also known as Cameo Cliffs, Hook and Ladder is an offroad odyssey that travels from the lower deserts to above "Hook and Ladder Gulch," following Cameo Ridge to higher elevations filled with juniper and cooler temperatures. Right away, the soft sand underneath your tires turns into that one distinct sound that is synonymous with Moab: "chirp, chirp," as you drive across swaths of slickrock with the La Sal Mountains to the northeast and the Abajo Mountains visible in your side view mirror. This specific route, Trail #1, is in the middle of an OHV area with more trails and adventures. Come for this trail, or come for them all.
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