High Tank Six Road

Quartzsite, Arizona (Yuma County)

Last Updated: 12/26/2021
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Highlight: High Tank Six Road
Located in the northern portion of the vast 1042 square mile Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, High Tank Six Road serves as a connector between the easily traveled MST&T and the more rugged Kofa Cabin - Jasper Springs. But don't let the short length of this trail nor its lowly status as a connector fool you. High Tank Six Road winds through a lower Sonoran Desert landscape of stately saguaro cacti, evil cholla cactus, and dry washes lined with ironwood trees. The ironwoods are a protected species, and if you value your ax, saw, or knife, you won't try to cut into one. They are called ironwoods for a reason. The Kofa Mountains form a jagged horizon to the south home to desert bighorn sheep. To the north lies the lower Livingston Hills. These make great backdrops for camping along High Tank Six Road. Toss in a beautiful Arizona sunset, and you'll be in for a memorable experience in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.
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