Highlight: MST&T
MST&T provides a scenic gateway into the northwestern portion of the 1042 square mile Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. In 1939 this area was designated the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge after an extensive effort by the Arizona Boy Scouts. The purpose of the refuge was to secure habitat for a decreasing population of desert bighorn sheep. Today the desert bighorns are flourishing in the rugged mountain ranges found in the sanctuary. However, you are more likely to see mule deer along the MST&T since most of the road traverses a broad desert valley filled with stately saguaro and prickly cholla cacti. Ironwood and paloverde trees line the numerous sandy washes. Years ago, Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph (MST&T) operated a microwave tower on a hilltop in the Livingston Hills at the end of this road. Today, the tower is gone, but a caretaker trailer and a picnic table remain. The reward for a drive to the top is fantastic views of the northern portion of the vast Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Kofa is famous for amazing sunsets. Viewing one from this vantage point is a special treat. You can even camp on top of the hill.
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