Thorpe Road

Lake George, Colorado (Park County)

Last Updated: 03/20/2021
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Highlight: Thorpe Road
Located near Lake George, Colorado, Thorpe Road is a popular trail for those looking for an easier way to get to lots of camping options in this old mining area. This mild trail weaves through the Puma Hills area of the Tarryall Mountains and can be a good break from the crowds found elsewhere off County Road 31. This road has views of the nearby mountains and a bevy of options for small and large groups to camp to spend a weekend in the area. Thorpe Road is open year-round and can be a destination for snow-wheelers. Whether you run this trail in summer or winter, it’s best enjoyed when made part of a day in the area. Adding Burns Park Road and La Salle Pass can make for a full day of wheeling.
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