Red Raven Road

Quartzsite, Arizona (Yuma County)

Last Updated: 01/07/2022
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Highlight: Red Raven Road
Back in the day, Red Raven connected all the major north-south roads in the area including the Manganese, Hovatter, Norton, and Palomas Harquahala roads. The Red Raven was very useful for the few hardy ranchers and miners in the area back then. The creation of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge caused the eventual closure of a section of the Red Raven. The Yuma Proving Grounds to the south further complicated travel in the area. For modern adventurers traversing the ruggedly beautiful Kofa, the remaining Red Raven section provides an important and scenic connection between the Hovatter Road and the Kofa Manganese Road. Paralleling Red Raven Wash, the trail crosses a plain dotted with stately saguaros, thorny cholla, and the omnipresent creosote bushes. To the north, the Little Horn Mountains create a colorful jagged horizon. In the west, the Kofa Mountains thrust skyward in wildly varying shapes. Wash crossings keep the driving experience interesting. Flat desert playas offer plenty of opportunities to make camp and enjoy the beauty and solitude of an area few will ever see. Dark skies reveal more stars that seem possible. Stargazing is even more magical when accompanied by serenading coyotes. Sometimes a simple road is more than just a road.
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