Mount Antero

Buena Vista, Colorado (Chaffee County)

Last Updated: 05/10/2022
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Partially Open
Typically Open: 06/01 - 10/31
Length: 7.07 miles
Highest Elevation: 13800 feet
Duration: About 1 hour, 40 minutes
Shape of Trail: Out & Back
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Buena Vista
Nearest Town w/ Services: Buena Vista
Official Road Name: 277, 278, 278A
Management Agency: San Isabel National Forest
District: Salida Ranger District


Highlight: Mount Antero
It's not every day that a trail can take you within 500' of a 14er summit, but the Mount Antero Trail does just that! Starting low in the valley, the trail climbs through Conifer forests and Aspen groves before continuing above treeline up nine spectacular switchbacks that will leave you wondering how anyone could have built a road up the side of the mountain. Once up the lower switchbacks, the views of Cronin Peak (13,802') and the Baldwin Valley below are panoramic. The upper switchbacks take you near the summit of Mount Antero to an elevation of 13,800'. The views of the Arkansas River Valley here are amazing, and the Mount Antero Summit is only 500' away should you choose to bag a 14er. The Mount Antero Trail is the main trail in the area with several other connecting trails allowing for a multi-day adventure. You can explore the Baldwin Lake Trail, Mount White Trail, Browns Lake Trail or the Boulder Mountain Trail, which are all part of the Mount Antero Trail System.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trail starts where FS 277 departs from Chalk Creek Drive, turn uphill and left to start the Mount Antero Trail.

Directions to Trailhead

From the Highway 24/Main Street stoplight in Buena Vista, head west on West Main Street. In .75 miles turn left onto Rodeo Road. Continue on Rodeo Road for 8 miles, you will descend a steep hill and take a right at the bottom of the hill onto County Road 162. Follow County Road 162 into Chalk Creek Canyon for 7.87 miles. Turn left onto FS 277 to begin the Mount Antero Trail. You will see a few larger turn out areas on the right side of the road just before the Mount Antero turnoff.



Land Use Issues

This area is part of Pike-San Isabel National Forest, and as such is part of the 2011 Lawsuit where a coalition of conservation and recreation groups are suing the U.S. Forest Service over what they say is the illegal addition of 500 miles of motorized roads and trails. A settlement was reached in late 2015 that is requiring the U.S. Forest Service to re-evaluate the roads and create a new travel management plan. Over the next year, 30 roads will be partially or completely closed while this evaluation takes place over the next 5 years. It is imperative that the OHV community lets their voices be heard on this issue. If we do nothing, those 500 miles will be shutdown. Contact the local ranger districts and let them know why the area is important to you and the history you have there. Salida Forest Service District Office Leadville Forest Service District Office

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Q: Could a stock Ram 1500 make it up this trail?
–C (08/18/2020)
–Marcus Trusty (08/18/2020)
Q: Is it legal to access this trail from Saint Elmo in an unlicensed vehicle (ex: a RZR)?
–Trint Ladd (08/06/2020)
–Marcus Trusty (08/06/2020)
Q: Any word on the trail being 100% open?
–Peyton Lange (06/03/2020)
–Marcus Trusty (06/04/2020)
Q: Since there is no listing on here for Browns Lake (FR 278), does anyone know the current conditions and difficulty level of that road, going down the Antero saddle to Browns Lake? Is it clear?
–Patrick McKay (08/07/2019)
–Marcus Trusty (08/07/2019)
Q: In the first paragraph under ROUTE INFORMATION the description states "No shelves" while the rest of the info and video clearly show otherwise. Just FYI. Thanks for all you're doing!
–Neal A. Tew (09/11/2018)
–Neal A. Tew (09/11/2018)
Q: What's the lowest ground clearance recommended for this trail? I'm in a Liberty with 7.9 inches. Is this enough?
–Phil (08/13/2018)
–Marcus Trusty (08/14/2018)
Q: Is this trail approximately 2 hours one way, or 2 hours total round trip? Thank You.
–Brent Loomer (05/22/2018)
–Marcus Trusty (05/22/2018)

Writer Information

Marcus Trusty

Mapping Crew - Colorado

Marcus is a 4th generation Buena Vista, Colorado native who grew up bouncing around the central Colorado mountains in the back of his dad's CJ5. During his younger years, Marcus grew to appreciate public lands and the recreation opportunities backroads and 4-wheel drive trails offer. Marcus has been wheeling for 20 years now and has wheeled in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. Until a few years ago Marcus had just been a participant in the wheeling community, but he has become much more active in preserving trails and working to make sure the wheeling community has their access maintained for future generations. In 2017 Marcus helped to found Colorado Off Road Enterprise - CORE, based out of Buena Vista. CORE has worked with the Forest Service and BLM and has volunteer agreements in place with both organizations. CORE also has a Forest Service trail adoption agreement in place for Grizzly Lake, Pomeroy Lake, Hancock Lake, Hancock Pass, and Tincup Pass, Tomichi Pass, Williams Pass, Ptarmigan Lake, Mineral Basin, Clohesy Lake, Lost Canyon, Champion Mill, Iron Mike Mine, and Slide Lake. If Marcus is not working you can generally find him somewhere out on the trails around Buena Vista.
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