Cloverdale Mine

Westcliffe, Colorado (Custer County)

Last Updated: 12/01/2021
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Highlight: Cloverdale Mine
The trail to Cloverdale Mine is a mix of great scenery, history with a small amount of technical driving. There are two lakes on this route, each making a great place for lunch or overnight camping. Fallen trees, loose gravel, large rocks, muddy areas, and narrow roads are all things you should prepare for on Cloverdale Mine. Even with the lower elevation countryside burned from past fires, the scenery is amazing. New vegetation is beginning to grow and wildlife can be seen throughout the forest.


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1. Parking (0 mi)
There is a small parking spot which is a great place to air down your tires which is recommended. The trail starts out pretty rough so it is best to get your affairs in order before starting.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Westcliffe

Take Highway 69 north for 12.5 miles to County Road 198. From Canon City, take highway 50 west 26 miles and then Highway 69 south for 11.3 miles to County Road 198. Follow signs to the Rainbow Trail Camp.



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Q: Is there any dispersed camping at the end of the trail? Or is the last spot at WP 8?
–Ben Jimbo (06/01/2021)
–Tracy Barker (06/03/2021)
Q: I'm curious why this write-up says the trail ends at the cabins? The MVUM shows it going another 0.75 miles further up the valley, which is also what the GIS data for the PSI travel plan shows.
–Patrick McKay (04/11/2021)
–Tracy Barker (04/12/2021)
Q: Has anyone been up the trip recently? I know obviously you won't make it all the way this time of year but was curious if anyone knew how far you can go before the snow starts? looking for a weekend camp trip. Thank you for any help.
–Daniel Orcutt (04/02/2020)
Q: Does anyone know how the fishing is on this trail? Thanks
–Justin Bedard (08/14/2019)
–Tracy Barker (08/21/2019)
–Justin Bedard (08/14/2019)
–J Ranello (08/14/2019)
Q: Does this trail close during the winter? If so when will it be open during the spring?
–Austin (12/30/2018)
–Tracy Barker (01/03/2019)

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