Little Blair Valley

4.7/5 (7 reviews)
Borrego Springs, California (Imperial County)
Last Updated: 09/26/2022
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One of the most amazing areas of Anza Borrego State Park can easily be said to be Blair Valley and Little Blair Valley. Given its historical significance, beautiful desert flora, and the fact that it offers some of the best views in California, it is no wonder many off-roaders, overlanders, 4x4 explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts make this a must-visit when in the area

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Trail Reviews

4.7/5 (7 reviews)
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 07/06/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Fun unstressful trail anyone should do. Usually I'm anxious on some trails but IDK... Blair Valley has this relaxing safe feeling to it. Always a stop when in Anza Borrego
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 04/22/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

Super fun trail. Pinstriping was not an issue when I went there. No sand deep enough for a 2wd to get stuck. High clearance helps, there are some bumps that are big. Beautiful scenery!
Josh Noesser
Official Crew
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 01/04/2021

Updated the photos for the exit. Great little trail.
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 01/03/2021

Made this a loop along with Blair Valley. It’s a fun winding 2-track I always enjoy driving.
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 11/29/2020

Really just a different way back from the main Blair valley route. Not particularly exciting but pretty none the less. Super easy drive.

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