The Climb

Fairfield, Utah (Tooele County)

Last Updated: 07/19/2018
3.5 / 5 ( 2 reviews )
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Typically Open: Year Round
Length: 0.7 miles
Highest Elevation: 6830 feet
Duration: About 1 hour
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Fairfield
Nearest Town w/ Services: Cedar Fort
Official Road Name:
Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management
District: 5 Mile Recreation Area


Highlight: The Climb
This is an awesome trail within the 5 Mile Recreation Area that takes you up to 2 incredible viewpoints overlooking just about every direction. "The Snakes" as the locals call it, consists of Rattlesnake, Constrictor, Winter Solstice Road and more recently Sidewinder and Sidewinder Exit, but rarely do people run many of the hundreds of spurs in the area. This is one of those rarely used routes. It is a fun challenge for just about any vehicle. Due to its steep ascent, just about everyone will spin a tire or two trying to reach the top of the initial climb. After the first viewpoint overlooking The Pony Express, the trail gets much easier and a bit more used, but that won't take away from the surprise at the end of this gem.


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1. Trailhead/Start the First Climb (0 mi)
The trailhead may be a bit tricky to see. It will be a northerly turn off of a well-used trail. The start of the trail will give you a good quick example of the type of terrain you will be tackling in the main climb, which is just around the corner. Be sure to keep momentum through the steeper sections.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Lehi, Utah

Begin heading west on 2100 N. Follow until you run into Utah 68. Turn south on 68 and follow a short distance until you intersect Utah 73 (Main St.). Turn west on Utah 73 and drive just under a mile, where you will veer right to continue on Utah 73. Continue for 22.4 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the right. From the Provo Valley, take I15 north until exit 279 for Utah 73 (Sunshine Canyon Road) and follow 27.4 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the right. You must then complete most of Rattlesnake to get to the next turn. At Waypoint 14, turn right and follow for about 1.3 miles to the trailhead for The Climb.



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