Sidewinder Exit

5/5 (3 reviews)
Fairfield, Utah (Tooele County)
Last Updated: 02/23/2018

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Looking for some excitement near Five Mile Recreation Area and Fairfield, Utah? Look no further than the area known as "The Snakes". This trail, in particular, was created to serve as an exit for the extreme trail known as Sidewinder, however, it is not for the faint of heart. With obstacles such as Buggy Bouncer and The Gauntlet, you are sure to not be bored. This offroad trail takes you quickly into the south end of the Oquirrh Mountain Range, rising in elevation with every inch traveled. Though it is a fairly new "established" trail, it is well used and changes often, providing newer challenges every weekend. Due to its proximity to Rattlesnake and Constrictor, as well as Five Mile Recreation Area, you will probably not be alone along this trail. Be sure to bring plenty of food and water as there are hundreds of miles to explore in the mountains just west of Utah Lake.

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5/5 (3)
Rated 5/5
Visited: 09/22/2020

Super fun trail not too far from Salt Lake City. Plenty of big rock obstacles, had a spotter on few areas. Definitely gonna need a lift and bigger tires. Two thumbs up!
Rated 5/5
Visited: 09/22/2020

This is a great trail, very steep climb and big rocks. I did this trail along with Rattlesnake gulch and most of Constrictor in a single day. Tons of fun, and optional lines for any vehicle.
Official Crew
Visited: 12/05/2015

This is always a fun trail to do around winter time. We had very minimal snow, so the trail was only slick in the shaded spots. New paths have been made around the harder obstacles so the lower rating on the trail is a little bit easier, but don't think it is just a walk in the park! We decided to run this trail in reverse (Uphill) so: From the end (mouth of the canyon), it is easier to see that there is actually a trail here now. The brush has been run over more so the two wheel tracks have made way to an unmaintained full dirt path. The path until you start to climb is a v shape about half of the time, so your suspension will constantly be twisting. The rock hill is still a fun little test for what is about to come. The rocks at the base of Buggy Bouncer have been moved around greatly, causing as much of a headache at Buggy Bouncer itself. You must pick high points or you will scrape a few points. The dirt at the base and in between the rocks of Buggy Bouncer has been slowly eaten away creating holes that make it a new challenge. Your chances of making it up greatly depend on your wheelbase and stance. Throughout the trail new rocks and holes have appeared, as have new side routes around the harder obstacles. Once you reach the final climb with The Gauntlet, each shelf has increased in size since summer. This trail will continually change, but due to it growing in popularity, there will be easier routes created.

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