Fairfield, Utah (Tooele County)
Last Updated: 07/19/2018
3/5 (2 reviews)
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Status: Open
Typically Open: Year Round
Difficulty: 8-8
Length: 1.4 miles
Highest Elevation: 6792 feet
Duration: About 1 hour 20 minutes
Shape of Trail: Straight Through
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Fairfield
Nearest Town w/ Services: Cedar Fort
Official Road Name: Constrictor
Management Agency: Bureau of Land Manaement
District: 5 Mile Recreation Area
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Highlight: Constrictor

This is one of the harder trails within this network, other than Sidewinder. Even more modified rigs will be put to the test just to get to the hardest of the obstacles; Eagles Nest. At this point, you should expect breakage or a rollover if you even have the guts to attempt this wall. There is a winch point beyond it, but it can only help so much. Many people turn around at the sight of Eagles Nest, however, a few have made it beyond this point and reached the top. This is a great trail for a bit more of a challenge within "the snakes" as the locals call it. Consisting of 5 total well-established trails, this area is sure to never leave you wanting more.


Route Information

Technical Rating: (8-8)

Heavy rock and/or severe ruts. Rocks exceeding hub height frequent. Shelves to 12". Deep mud or uphill mud sections. Steep grades to 25 degrees and can be loose or rocky. Water crossings may exceed 30" in depth. Side hill to 30 degrees. One vehicle wide. Body damage possible. Experience needed. Vehicle Modifications helpful.

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This is the upper trail once you complete Sidewinder Exit, Rattlesnake, or Winter Solstice Road. The trailhead starts right after the big hill of mine tailings at the end of Rattlesnake. The trail starts out as hard pack dirt so the dust with be present. Once you reach the second fork for the obstacles, the trail starts to change. The first obstacle you will come up to is Ladder and the second is called Wayne's World. Both of which will prove challenging to certain vehicles. Ladder is made up of solid stone that is sharp and sticky. Waynes World is solid stone as well, however, it is slickrock. Ladder is a challenge to shorter wheelbases and Wayne's World will give you a bit of a tip. After these, you will encounter a few rock piles here and there that may test ground clearance and flex. After a short stint of minor obstacles, you come to The Tickler, which is reminiscent of Ladder in terms of rock. Shortly after The Tickler, you reach what is known as either the Waterfall or more popularly, Eagles Nest; A giant rock wall stretching across the entire canyon bottom. Beyond this obstacle is unknown to most, but consists of more slick rock in a tight little canyon for a brief section, until you reach the top where it intersects with The Climb.
This trail, as well as others in the area, are very heavily trafficked. Use caution around corners.

Seasonal Information

Spring:Trail can be wet in the early months, drying out to the summer months. This can be a popular trail early in the spring.
Summer:Trail is usually dry and dusty. This trail doesn't have much shade so it can get hot in the summer months.
Fall:Trail is very busy in the fall. This is the best time of year to run it if you don't mind the crowds.
Winter:Trail may have small amounts of snow. This can be a fun trail to try with snow.


1. Trailhead

The trailhead starts just after the mine tailings at the end of Rattlesnake.

2. Fork - Stay Left (0.05 mi)

Quickly after you start, you will be taking the left (north) fork where the road splits.

3. Fork/Bypass (0.3 mi)

At this point, you must decide how hard you want to go. If you take the left (north) fork, this will bypass 2 of the major obstacles on the trail. If you fork right (east), you will come to the Ladder and Wayne's World. ***For this guide, the GPX track will take you right at this fork up to the base of Wayne's World and circle back to this point to continue around the bypass. Mile Markers Reflect This***

4. Ladder (0.3 mi)

This obstacle will eat up short wheelbase vehicles. Consisting of ledge after ledge, you always seem to be in the rut with both your front and rear tires, unless you have the right stance. Pick any line you choose, but be careful you don't roll backward into the tree!

5. Waynes World (0.4 mi)

This is one of the most well-known obstacles near Salt Lake City for a challenge. Many people try and many people even succeed at this waterfall, however, it has claimed many broken parts and body damage over the years. If you have a short wheelbase or minimal flex, you will want to swing hard right and climb up the off camber area with your passenger side. The hole at the bottom on the driver's side gets bigger every weekend. 4 feet of vertical slickrock awaits your driver front tire if you stay left. After you get your rear end up the first climb, you will be in another hole awaiting to climb another near-vertical section. Slight momentum helps with this obstacle. If there is water at the base of the first ledge, it can make this almost impossible.

6. Meetup (0.7 mi)

Continue straight for Constrictor. This is where the bypass meets up with the road out of the Ladder and Wayne's World.

7. The Tickler (1.1 mi)

This is a deceiving little obstacle. Consisting of 3 slanted slopes down toward the passenger side, you will approach this obstacle right after a 90 degree left turn. If you swing wide and back up a little, you can get a better line. Slickrock is the makeup of this one and it shows. Any vehicles with smaller tires will have a chance at hanging up a diff if you slip into the low points. You must also avoid bouncing off of the rock on the passenger's side. Pick your high points!

8. Eagles Nest (1.1 mi)

This is THE obstacle. Eagles Nest (also known as the Waterfall) is menacing to look at. A 5-foot ledge stretches across the entire trail. Even the most capable of vehicles will struggle here if they decide to attempt it. There is a winch anchor about 20 yards beyond the ledge for additional help. Alternately, there have been attempts to climb the right edge of the hill, ultimately guiding you right along the edge. This can be considered the "easy" line. The issue with this line is that there are holes on both passenger and driver sides, with a large rock right in the middle, easily hanging up your front end. The width of this line is only about 70 inches at its neck so there is not much room to play.

9. Obstacle (1.2 mi)

If you have made it this far, obstacles such as this should prove no challenge. This is a slanted rock where the trail necks down, also making a slight left turn.

10. Double Tilt (1.2 mi)

This obstacle is a little reminiscent of The Tickler, with only 2 slants, however, you don't have many lines to pick as it is very narrow in this section.

11. End (1.4 mi)

Once you reach the end, the views are incredible. This is also the intersection with The Climb.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 40.279093, -112.192971

Starting Point: Lehi, Utah

Starting at I15 in Lehi for exit 2100N, head west and follow until you run into Utah 68. Turn south on 68 and follow a short distance until you intersect Utah 73 (Sunshine Canyon Road). Turn west on 73 and continue for 23.1 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the right. From Tooele, take Utah 36 south out of town for about 11 miles, until you turn left (east) on Utah 73 (Sunshine Canyon Road). Continue east for 13.5 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the left. Once you're ready, you must take either Rattlesnake, Winter Solstice Road, or Sidewinder Exit to get to the trailhead for Constrictor.


There are a few camping spots just beyond Waypoint 3 if you stay left (north). There are also plenty of campsites at the base of the mountains near the trailheads for Rattlesnake, Winter Solstice Road, or Sidewinder Exit. There are no facilities or water available.
Camping: Constrictor

Writer Information

TJ Bosworth

Crew Leader - Utah
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Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he's only been off-roading since he was 16 but fell in love immediately. He attended college in Denver for Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and wheeled in Colorado for 4 years, but ended up moving back home to Salt Lake City. He currently works in an off-road shop and spends his free time doing anything he can to stay busy, which is usually working on his jeep or playing music. Outside of off-roading, he is an avid whitewater rafter and outdoor cook. Camping at least every other weekend in any season is a normal year. The further from civilization, the better. Bring on the memories!


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Trail Reviews (2)

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
The trail has changed quite a bit since I was here last. Waynes World had a ton of filler rock at the bottom which sucks. Made it up to Eagles Nest but turned around since I am not quite equipped enough to make it up. Decent day and avoided most of the crowd on a Thursday​ morning.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
This is a very fun trail and definitely challenging to anything that is street legal. Most people can enjoy this trail until they reach Eagle's Nest, where there is enough room to turn around. The one thing I absolutely hate about this trail is the crowds though. Every weekend, a mass amount of people flock from the cities to this area because it is so close. If you want peace and quiet, AVOID this area.