The Pony Express (Fairfield to Ibapah)

Fairfield, Utah (Utah County)

Last Updated: 04/26/2017
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Highlight: The Pony Express (Fairfield to Ibapah)
Almost 2000 miles of dirt road stretching across the United States from St. Joseph to San Francisco sounds like an overlanders dream come true. Dating back to 1860, The Pony Express was one of the most historic routes in the country. The trail was originally laid out to provide a way for mail to be delivered. Over the course of eight to ten days, riders would traverse mountains and deserts across 8 states (Only two states back then) to deliver mail to Sacramento, where it was placed onto a steamer to continue its journey to San Francisco. At its peak, there were believed to be around 190 stations spanning across this historic route. Sadly after only 18 months, the telegraph was brought about and lead to the termination of The Pony Express in October of 1861. Today, much of the track is still available and maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. What took riders eight to ten days to cover at an average speed of seven miles per hour now can be achieved by vehicle in as little as 5 hours depending on speed of travel. Billboards and postings give plenty of information along this trail. Although it may be a maintained route, be sure to pack for desert travel bringing plenty of food, water, and clothing in the colder months.


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1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trailhead starts immediately off of highway 73 to the west.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Lehi, Utah

Begin heading west on 2100 N. Follow until you run into Utah 68. Turn south on 68 and follow a short distance until you intersect Utah 73 (Main St.). Turn west on Utah 73 and drive just under a mile, where you will veer right to continue on Utah 73. Continue for 22.4 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the right. From the Provo Valley, take I15 north until exit 279 for Utah 73 (Sunshine Canyon Road) and follow 27.4 miles until the turnoff for the air down lot on the right.



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Q: Has anyone ever done this trail in mid December? If so how much snow was there and is the trail impassible with 4wd, lift, big tires, and winch?
–Clint Cammiso (10/23/2018)
–Tom Kelly (05/31/2022)
–TJ Bosworth (10/24/2018)

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Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he's only been off-roading since he was 16 but fell in love immediately. He attended college in Denver for Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and wheeled in Colorado for 4 years, but ended up moving back home to Salt Lake City. He currently works in an off-road shop and spends his free time doing anything he can to stay busy, which is usually working on his jeep or playing music. Outside of off-roading, he is an avid whitewater rafter and outdoor cook. Camping at least every other weekend in any season is a normal year. The further from civilization, the better. Bring on the memories!
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