Wearyman Road

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4.5/5 (16 reviews)
Red Cliff, Colorado (Eagle County)
Last Updated: 11/17/2023
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Located just west of Copper Mountain in the White River National Forest, Wearyman Road is a rugged 4x4 trail with steep climbs, tight pine forest, open alpine meadows, and panoramic views of the Gore Range on top of Ptarmigan Pass. The trail passes remains of old sawmills that once supplied nearby ranchers and farmers with building supplies in the early 1900s. Combine this trail with McAllister Gulch and Resolution Road to create an epic day full of views and history.

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Trail Reviews

4.5/5 (16)
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Seasonal Closure
Visited: 11/17/2023

Official winter Seasonal Closure is now in effect
Rated 4/5
Visited: 10/01/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Open and dry. Gorgeous Aspen colors. Very tight turn right at the beginning that I wasn’t 100% sure could get through in the F250, but she made it with some care. No problem for any normal size rig. Lots of pin striping early on in the trail, would not be as bad with a narrower vehicle. Fun drive up to the peak. Highly recommend. Would suggest maybe Shrine Pass to Wearyman Creek to this, skip McAllister for a great route.
Trail Review: Wearyman Road - Jake Latham
Trail Review: Wearyman Road - Jake Latham
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Visited: 07/21/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

We ran the entire length of trail. We had no problems anywhere with snow, in fact saw very little snow. Its a long trail with very few challenges, great views.
Partially Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 07/08/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

The snow drift on the top remains with an approximately two and one half foot drop off the lower side and approximately a four foot drop off the high side. We were able to winch over the drift using two winches (fore and aft) attached to the front and back of our vehicles as they traversed the drift in order to keep them from sliding laterally off the drift and rolling down the hill. A couple weeks of warm temperatures should do away with the drift. Otherwise the trail was in great shape with great views.
Partially Open
Visited: 07/01/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

The top of the trail where it meets Resolution Road at the top of Ptarmigan there is still has a pretty massive snow drift as of today - so this has to be ran as an out and back. The drift looks feet deep still. Keep this in mind if running McAllister Gulch, as you can't loop back.

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