Arroyo Tapiado

Julian, California (San Diego County)

Last Updated: 03/23/2017
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Highlight: Arroyo Tapiado
Situated within the Anza Borrego State Park, Arroyo Tapiado is a great off-road drive up a very beautiful canyon. Outside of the amazing views, Arroyo Tap ado has some of the most unique mud caves in the world. With there being the highest density and the longest mud caves in the world, it is no wonder why many flock to see this nature wonder year around. Some of such mud caves are over 1,200 feet deep which makes these mud caves seem to last forever once inside. Just be warned, the mud caves are very unstable and subject to collapse at any time. The dirt is very soft and will easily collapse if touched. It is highly recommended to stay outside of the mud caves at all times.
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