Chicken Springs Road

Wikieup, Arizona (Mohave County)

Last Updated: 02/28/2022
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Highlight: Chicken Springs Road
Chicken Springs Road is an easy and popular way to access the desert north of Alamo Lake. The mountain pass offers views to the east and west, Joshua and juniper trees mixed with saguaro and other cacti. From Alamo Road, travelers can take easy roads to Alamo Lake, Yucca, Parker, Bouse, Signal or Swansea Townsite. Stepping up the difficulty rating a notch is access to the Arizona Peace Trail, Lake Havasu, and Areas south of Alamo Lake, Wickenberg, and multiple mountain wilderness areas. There's something out there for everyone, endless camping, mines, cabins, ghost towns, beautiful scenery, and an unpolluted night sky far away from the city lights.
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