Highlight: Signal Road
As the California Gold Rush wound down, miners moved eastward along the The Bradshaw Trail to prospect in the Arizona Territory. Hardy men found silver in a mine named Signal on the north side of the remote Artillery Mountains near the Big Sandy River. The nearby McCraken Mine also produced silver. The town of Signal sprung up to support both mines. By 1877 it had a post office and approximately 800 residents. Being so remote, it took six months to deliver any goods ordered. By 1932 the town had dwindled, and the post office closed. Today what little remains of the town sits on private land. However, a sometimes caretaker can occasionally be induced to allow access. The remnants of the mine are still present and easily visited. Signal Road provides easy access to a remote and seldom visited part of Arizona and its early history. The Sonoran and Mojave Deserts meet in a rare mixing of Joshua trees and saguaro cacti. Dark skies provide incredible stargazing from sandy campsites along the road.
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