Stage III Fire Closure for the Coconino and Kaibab National Forest - All trails are closed - USFS ORDER, Kaibab North, and Kaibab Williams and Tusayan Districts.

Martinez Canyon Road

Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)

Last Updated: 04/14/2020
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Highlight: Martinez Canyon Road
Martinez Road is a connector trail that will allow you to access the remote southwest region in the Florence, Arizona OHV area. The trail travels through a couple washes and past the entrance to the popular Jack Handle trail, Martinez Cabin Trail and eventually up and over to the Gila River. The rich mining operations that have been conducted in this area for over a century have made it quite famous. The name of the route comes from the Martinez Mine and an old cabin of the same name. The cabin used to be the primary destination for the area but vandals and irresponsible users forced it's closure years ago. The Cabin is only accessible by foot and is roughly 3 miles round trip with a slight elevation climb there of 275 feet. The hike through the helps make it worth the walk. This area is remote and rough, please ensure you are prepared with sufficient water and other necessities.
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