Jack Handle

4.7/5 (6 reviews)
Florence, Arizona (Pinal County)
Last Updated: 02/16/2023

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Jack Handle is one of those trails that's earned legendary status with local rock crawlers. The trail's name comes from the first difficult waterfall obstacle, Jack Handle. Back when the rock gap was thinner, if your hi-lift jack was on the passenger rear, it would get hung up on the rocks. Hence the name. The trail offers multiple optional rock crawling obstacles, including a difficult and super off-camber rock waterfall appropriately named Jackass.

For over a century, the surrounding mineral-rich area has been profitable for the region. There are many abandoned as well as active mines in the area. Along the route is a spectacular array of desert plant life, from massive saguaros to towering cottonwoods hidden deep in one of many secluded canyons that litter the region. The area is remote. The rocks are sharp. And everything here wants to poke or bite you. Be cautious. This is a desert, and it's not very forgiving, especially in the summer. But it does have an irresistible rugged charm.

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Trail Reviews

4.7/5 (6)
Official Crew
Rated 5/5
Visited: 05/07/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

Really enjoyed this trail in my Gladiator. I think the obstacles were probably a little more challenging in my larger vehicle but I made it through Jack’s Crack/Jack Handle without rubbing the fenders at all even though it was super tight. The trail really is only difficult in 3-4 spots along the look part of it but it was still a lot of fun.
Official Crew
Visited: 07/07/2021

Arizona National Forests and State Lands are back open for travel. There are still some very important fire restrictions in place. These restrictions can often change by specific areas.
Official Crew
Temporary Closure
Visited: 06/23/2021

Due to extremely high fire danger, exceptional drought conditions, resource availability, and increased fire activity, the Department of Forestry and Fire Management and the Arizona State Land Department will implement closures to State Trust Land throughout Arizona. These closures are also in conjunction with our USFS partners. As of 8am on June 25, 2021, closures will be implemented on state-owned and managed lands in all 15 counties. All state-owned and managed lands are closed to entry for recreational purposes, including hunting, camping, and off-road vehicle use. Target shooting and fireworks are prohibited year-round. AZ State Land Closures Notice
Visited: 03/16/2020

Short trail with few obstacles. Fun though and scenic. Jackass pass obstacle will let you test the full capability of your jeeps articulation and if you are not careful it can get pretty tippy. There are a lot of other fun trails in the area so make a day of it.
Rated 5/5
Visited: 01/10/2020

Great trail. Short, challenging, scenic. The Jack Handle squeeze obstacle wasn't an obstacle for my TJ and friend's RZR. It would be challenging for a longer wheel base vehicle. The RZR took the steep hill climb to avoid the Jackass Bypass. The climb wasn't bad at all. There is a small v-notch squeeze just before the main obstacle, Jackass Bypass. This is a serious obstacle, very tippy even with a lot of articulation. Definitely worth going to flex the rig out. The scenery on the trail and leading up to it was amazing.

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