FR 747

Williams, Arizona (Coconino County)

Last Updated: 07/09/2021
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The Kaibab National Forest is best known for its two districts north and south of the Grand Canyon. However, the third district, centered around the town of Williams, should not be overlooked. Filled with abundant camping opportunities, numerous lakes with fish and migratory waterfowl, lots of wildlife, scenic views, and historic cabins, the Williams District has much to offer. Set deep in the heart of the Williams District is a short loop offering numerous campsites and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. FR 747 loops off Sycamore Point, FR 110, a main forest thoroughfare. The nearby Sunflower Flat Wildlife area draws elk into its open prairie mornings and evenings. The small tank there often hosts migrating waterfowl. Nearby historic JD Cabin sits on an open meadow, the barn and fenced corral slowly fading back into the wild. The wind singing softly in the tops of tall pine trees is a sound to be savored. And it is best savored in a high country camp. Come on out to the Kaibab and FR 747 and do some savoring.
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