Wheeler Road

Brawley, California (Imperial County)

Last Updated: 02/01/2021
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Highlight: Wheeler Road
If you are looking for some BLM land to camp on in Southern California near the Salton Sea, then there is only one place to go, that is off of Wheeler Road in the Superstitions OHV area. This massive dirt highway is welcoming to all types of vehicles from RV's to 5th wheels, to rooftop tents. What makes this place great is the ground is flat and smooth meaning if you like camping in a tent, the conditions are perfect for that as well. Just down the road are the famous Superstition Mountains of many folklores and interesting bits of history. So if you are in the area, out Overlanding in Anza-Borrego, and are looking for somewhere different, check out Wheeler Road in the Superstitions.
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