Ditch East

Encampment, Wyoming (Carbon County)

Last Updated: 07/02/2022
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Highlight: Ditch East
Ditch East is a delightful little diversion off of Deep Creek Road in the Sierra Madre Range of the Medicine Bow National Forest in southern Wyoming. The trail follows the Belvidere Ditch for a little more than half a mile before crossing the ditch over a culvert and climbing back up to Highway 70. The ditch bank is a narrow dike and there is not much room to maneuver to avoid branches that stick out onto the trail. The lapping of the water in the ditch and the quaking of the aspen leaves make this a tranquil and relaxing interlude as you wind your way through the beautiful forest. Ditch East can be combined with Ditch West by running one or the other backwards to extend your peaceful excursion.
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