Nile, Washington (Yakima County)

Last Updated: 09/03/2020
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Highlight: NF-1711
NF-1711 begins outside of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest and continues to weave in and out of the forest before arriving at the intersection of NF-1712. After leaving the residential area near the trailhead, the route takes you on a dusty, gravel road mingling among surrounding trees and brush. There is a bit of a climb early on, where rocks in the road get slightly larger. While 4-low is not required, it may be adventitious here, allowing you to travel more slowly over the steep, rocky terrain. For this reason, a car with street tires will have a difficult time, and the rocks may damage the sidewall, leading to punctures. A stock 4X4 with appropriate tires won’t have difficulties. Dispersed camping is available on this trail as well. Some sites will reward you with a wonderful view of the valley below. If you have been following the overland route, you’ll see Rattlesnake Creek; where you had passed about an hour ago on either NF-1500 or Meloy Canyon Road. This trail is part of the Washington Cascade Overland Route. Visit Overlanding Across Washington for more information, including which trails to take next.
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