Gold City Road

Lake George, Colorado (Park County)

Last Updated: 03/21/2021
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Highlight: Gold City Road
Gold City Road is part of the Badger Flats Trail Network that encompasses roughly 110-square miles near the small town of Lake George, Colorado. The trail doesn't directly connect to any of the other trails in the area and isn't traveled as much as others. Those who take this trail will find scenic views and solitude. There are over 11,000 mining claims in the area, and this trail was one of many in the area originally built for getting metals and minerals including Beryllium and Gold out of the ground. You won't find any gemstones left, but you will find lots of rocks on the road. The road starts just off US 24 and it immediately dips into some trees and you will begin to snake through the forest. Once through the trees, the road pitches up and you'll be climbing to the top of the hill. After the turnaround, the views on the return trip make the whole trip well worth it.
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