Eagle Rock Road

Laramie, Wyoming (Albany County)

Last Updated: 06/26/2019
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Highlight: Eagle Rock Road
Nestled in the high mountain plains of southeastern Wyoming, Eagle Rock Road wanders through the unique piles of granite rock prevalent in the Pole Mountain recreation area. You will experience the feeling of both the wide-open prairie as well as the pine and aspen forest during the journey along this trail. The namesake feature, Eagle Rock, is found in the center of this loop-shaped trail and offers a beautiful backdrop to an abundance of camping, hiking, and off-road activities. The various rock formations in the area are popular for rock climbing while numerous streams and beaver ponds attract fishing. Open most of the year, the area provides the opportunity for a snowy off-roading experience in the winter. The wind is notoriously strong and common here and can cause deep snowdrifts to form from only a few inches of snowfall.
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