National Old Trails Road

Yucca, Arizona (Mohave County)

Last Updated: 07/24/2022
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National Old Trails Road, also known as the Ocean to Ocean Highway, was established officially in 1912 and part of the 3096-mile long road that first connected the two coasts from California to New York. This short section of road located just south of Yucca, Arizona, is referenced in texts as early as 1902. Known then as the Needles Grand Canyon Highway, it was subsequently rerouted through Oatman, Arizona, and renamed Route 66. It's difficult to imagine what it must have been like making this coast-to-coast trip. Only 800 miles of the 3096-mile road were paved, and the rest was dirt, rock, or wood planked road. Many of these paths wouldn't be what we call roads now. These were originally wagon and cattle trails that were linked together. At one point, nearly 4,000 cars a year were making the trip across this stretch of road prior to being rerouted through Oatman, Arizona, and modern-day Route 66.


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1. National Old Trails Road Trailhead (0 mi)
National Old Trails Road runs to the west from this point. This road also travels to the east; however, it crosses through several private properties, which could be fenced off or impassable for other reasons at any time.

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Yucca, Arizona

Head south on I40 to Exit 20, Santa Fe Ranch Road. Exit and travel south; once over the freeway there are four roads. Take Kickapoo Road to the southwest and continue 2.5 miles to National Old Trails Road (some maps say Old Trails Highway). The trail runs to the west from here.



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