Seep Springs OHV Area- BLM Road 5830F

Cañon City, Colorado (Fremont County)

Last Updated: 01/13/2022
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Highlight: Seep Springs OHV Area- BLM Road 5830F
BLM Road 5830F is quite possibly the most entertaining of the vehicle roads in the Seep Springs OHV Area. It provides travelers plenty of rocky spots and entertaining obstacles to make the ride one to remember while still being fully manageable for any stock high clearance 4x4. In its entirety, Seep Springs OHV Area is a true off road jewel in Fremont County. This area offers many different pastimes from camping, to hiking, to even fossil hunting! This area is rich with fossil discoveries culminating in the nearby discovery of a complete Stegosaurus skeleton. Seep Springs OHV Area offers a vast network of established BLM roads and trails that are perfect for visitors to drive and explore or find that perfect little secluded camping spot while still keeping civilization within a short drive. The high desert nature of this area combined with the low levels of snowfall makes this area perfect for year round adventures.
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