HS290 - True Grit - Parker

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Parker, Arizona (LaPaz County)
Last Updated: 08/02/2022
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Whether you are an extreme 4x4 enthusiast or looking for an epic rock crawling destination, the True Grit off-road trail near Parker, Arizona has it all. With many towering ledges and waterfalls, extreme off-camber turns, freakishly deep v-notches, and the proximity to the Desert Bar, there is nothing this off-road trail doesn't have if you are wanting something extreme and exciting. The next time you are in the deserts near the Colorado River, and you are looking for something that will test your skills and vehicle, check out True Grit and experiencing what a true difficult offroad trail is all about.

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True Grit isn't just another western off-road trail near Parker, Arizona. This 4x4 trail is full of intense obstacles waiting to destroy your vehicle and your ambitions. You should expect large waterfalls over 10 feet, large rocks over 4 feet around to get hung up on or break, deep v-notches in the waterfalls wanting to roll you over, and an extremely off-camber turn that is likely to destroy the driver’s side of your vehicle. The canyon is also extremely narrow meaning there is only one line in a lot of spots and no room to walk around the vehicle.

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