4/5 (10 reviews)
Fort Collins, Colorado (Larimer County)
Last Updated: 06/15/2021

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In 2012, the High Park Fire consumed 88,000 acres of forest in the Roosevelt National Forest west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Heavy fire damage happened along the northern edge of the Buckhorn Canyon at Pennock Pass. Some of the off-road routes in this area remain closed today following the fire. Hurley, however, begins near the top of Pennock Pass but heads to the south and was unaffected by the fire. This is a short, heavily forested trail that offers great solitude and does not see much use. The trail is rocky, but not difficult.

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4/5 (10)
Temporary Closure
Visited: 06/23/2022

Drove past the trailhead and the trail is closed and likely will not open anytime soon. It goes through an area that was completely incinerated by the recent fire.
Official Crew
Seasonal Closure
Visited: 06/15/2021

Although this trail is scheduled to be open now, the trail remains closed by the US Forest Service because of damage from last year's Cameron Peak Fire. It is not yet known when, or if, this trail will be opened this season for motor vehicles. We will continue to check with the US Forest Service and post details as they become available.
Official Crew
Temporary Closure
Visited: 08/21/2020

The Cameron Peak fire west of Fort Collins continues to grow prompting additional closures to the Roosevelt National Forest. The trail is affected by the Forest Closure Order effective 08-20-2020. Ongoing information about the fire, it’s progress, evacuations and closures can be found at website.
Rated 4/5
Visited: 06/24/2020

This is a great, rocky, tougher trail. Ran it with my 4Runner (stock tire size & 1.5” lift), and I definitely used the skid plates. Multiple hits along the way. Lots of exposed, loose rocks. With a lower lift, I had to pay very close attention and pick lines carefully. It had my heart rate up that’s for sure.
Rated 3/5
Visited: 06/10/2020

Where the road splits looks like an abandoned hobo camp and needs to be cleaned up. This is the first time I came up this trail. If it wasn't so far from my house, I might try to get my trailer up there to haul out the trash. If anybody else is up to the task, bring a hammer, maybe a pry bar, maybe a screw shooter to demo the plywood structure and haul out. Other than that, a few garbage bags and an hour or so of time will get the job done. Bring gloves, maybe a leaf rake. It would all fit in the bed of a pickup if you're feeling charitable. We only drove about half way down the right fork as time was running out and we had to hit the road. It would be a nice trail if not for disgusting, inconsiderate humans.

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