Crescent Lake

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4.1/5 (15 reviews)
McCoy, Colorado (Eagle County)
Last Updated: 11/22/2023
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While this trail seems to linger and take the better portion of a day, it is a very rewarding ending with beautiful clear lakes and gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. This area is also far enough from the front range and out of the way that you do not see many people. At the far end of Mackinaw Lake, there is a hiking trail that takes you up onto the mountain ridge just to the west.

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Trail Reviews

4.1/5 (15)
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Official Crew
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Seasonal Closure
Visited: 11/23/2023

This trail is now under official seasonal closure to wheeled vehicles, beginning 11/23.
Rated 3/5
Visited: 08/09/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

If you like traveling through open range then this trail is for you. The first 2/3 of this trail is cattle country and pretty easy, I give it a difficulty rating of 3. I'm on 37s with a 3 in. lift and I did not see any 6 rated obstacle's, maybe a couple of 5 obstacle's. I stayed here for three days and was heavily rained on the last night I was there. I was concerned about the mud going down but it was a non-issue. I would not want to travel the steep mud section in heavy rain, super snotty, greasy. This trail takes you into Wilderness and it should be treated as such and the number of toilets that were left was disgusting, bucket toilets, handicap toilet chairs, and just crapping on the ground. I was on a three week trip and did not have the means to haul out these toilets, sad face.
Trail Review: Crescent Lake - Gretchen L Goodman
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Official Crew
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Visited: 06/06/2023

Open for the season
Rated 5/5
Visited: 08/27/2021

This was my first Difficult trail. We did it in our 2008 Chevy Trailblazer with a 3" lift on stock tires. I would not take this vehicle here again. We bottomed out more than 50 times, dented the muffler, and popped a tire. The trail took us 6 hours because we had to constantly get out to check our lines and clearance. There was a deep water crossing after point 16 (Rocky Climb) that almost swallowed our vehicle. It had rained the day before and the water was over 30" deep. I walked across the water 3 times and it was only knee height, but we slid to the uphill right side and into the deepest part. The left side had a good bottom to it that was much easier on the way out. We spent two nights at Crescent Lake. We brought an inflatable boat and a paddle board. The water was very cold, and so was the beer.
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Visited: 08/12/2021

Went last week. My first difficult-rated trail. In on 12 Aug and out 15 Aug. One highly modified jeep. Not sure how high the lift is but is is high and 38.5" tires. One 2011 Tacoma. 3" lift and 33" tires. Trail is very rough. Water at the stream crossing was low. Several muddy puddles on the trail but no more than a foot deep. Trail up to Emerald Lake is just a matter of very rough/bumpy. After that you do have to pay a lot more attention to tire placement. Smashed the RV power receptacle on the Tacoma coming down off some rocks. The replacement is going into the bumper next to the license plate. Camped at the very end of the trail. Quite a few more people than we expected. For a couple of days there were five groups camping around Crescent and Mackinaw Lakes. A total of 19 people, including my group. On Saturday a group of seven day-tripping ATVs came buzzing in and parked so close to a camp near us they were almost in the camp. I think anyone who has done a lot of dispersed camping or backpacking is probably used to unburied toilet paper around campsites. However, a first for me was finding used tampons near a campsite. And someone had defecated right next to the runoff from Mackinaw to Crescent Lake and left it on the surface. Very inconsiderate of other people and the environment. Ride out easier than the ride in.
Trail Review: Crescent Lake - Charles
Trail Review: Crescent Lake - Charles
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