Fourmile Area: Little Cottonwood Creek

4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Johnson Village, Colorado (Chaffee County)
Last Updated: 12/01/2021
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Little Cottonwood Creek (FS 185D) is an incredible trail at highlighting the many aspects that the Fourmile Travel Management Area has to offer to the interested traveler. Traveling through sandy soils and cottonwood trees, through beautiful aspen groves, and charming meadows. All Leading you to some of the most captivating views of the surrounding Collegiate Mountain Ranges you will ever enjoy.

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Trail Reviews

4.5/5 (7 reviews)
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 06/02/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Really fun side trail. Definitely needed 4 low for the steep section. Camped at waypoint 8, view was incredible. Also camped down a side trail near waypoint 9. That spot is level and well maintained and also has a great view.
Official Crew
Status: Seasonal Closure
Visited: 12/01/2021

Closed for the season! See you in 2022!
Status: Open
Visited: 09/13/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

Steep sections coming from Bald Mtn loop direction are very challenging on a large ADV bike (BMW 800 GS). I know this is not a motorcycle site, but just sharing....
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 07/01/2019

Trail was dry and fun on this day. I enjoy doing this west to east after Bald Mtn Loop. I might avoid if muddy because of the steep sections. I led a small group two days in a row as part of the Overland Bound Buena Vista June Jam. No trail issues other than almost having a dirt bike for a hood ornament. The overlook spur mid-route is a great place for lunch.
Status: Open
Rated 4/5
Visited: 06/03/2019

Surprisingly fun trail that we took from Aspen Ridge to Bald Mountain Gulch. Trail in good condition with no issues. There are some fairly tight and twisty sections that kept it interesting. It would be especially interesting if driven when wet....especially uphill (west to east).

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