Carrizo Creek / Canyon / Gorge - Anza Borrego

Ocotillo, California (San Diego County)

Last Updated: 05/20/2017
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Highlight: Carrizo Creek / Canyon / Gorge - Anza Borrego
Carrizo Canyon, Creek, or Gorge according to where you find the information at is one of the few pathways to get back into Goat Canyon where the worlds largest wooden trestle train bridge sits. Carrizo, Spanish for a willow that grows along arid water ways in Mexico, is a great descriptive for views along the trail. The trail is a vast sandy wash which narrows and becomes more of a mild rock crawling type of trail. Even with the mild rock crawling, many off-road and overland enthusiast find themselves heading down this trail on either a day trip or an overland adventure. The train bridge in Goat Canyon was part of the old San Diego and Arizona train system that is no longer in use. Hiking to this location is pretty strenuous and shouldn't be done in the summer months. If you choose to hike to the bridge during the cooler months, it makes for an amazing overland / hiking exploration trip.
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