Deep Creek

Clark, Colorado (Routt County)

Last Updated: 08/31/2019
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Highlight: Deep Creek
Deep Creek Road begins in the mountain' historic Hahn's Peak Village. A mining town from the mid-1800s, Hahn's Peak Village was once the county seat of Routt County, Colorado. Hahn's Peak, a volcanic created mountain, is the centerpiece of this historic area. Although mining was once the mainstay of this community, outdoor recreation is now the gold mine that keeps this area thriving. Off-roading, hiking, and camping are common summertime activities while cross country skiing and snowmobiling are popular winter activities. There is a patchwork of trails that encompasses the Hahn’s Peak vicinity. Deep Creek Road, in particular, exemplifies the beauty of the mature Aspen tree groves the flourish on the slopes of Hahn's Peak. The fall season is a real treat with the changing tree color.
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