SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail

Blythe, California (Riverside County)

Last Updated: 01/27/2020
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Highlight: SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail
The Orocopia Mountains Wilderness Area was once home to one of the largest military bases in the world, while today it is home to some of the most beautiful scenery that Southern California has to offer, including the Red Canyon. The Red Canyon Trail takes you through this wilderness area bobbing and weaving its way through the desert and up and over the mountains to where the Red Canyon resides. This splendid trail is perfect for people new to off-roading up to the most experienced 4x4 enthusiast. Because of the ample amount of wilderness and BLM land, this trail is a great start to exploring the area, or just to get away for a weekend. Thus the next time you are near Palm Springs or the Salton Sea, think about checking out Red Canyon.
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