Sand Highway - Glamis

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Brawley, California (Imperial County)
Last Updated: 10/21/2022
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Right down the middle of the spine of Glamis / Imperial Sand Dunes is a small desert highway that nearly a million people use per year. The trail is a rather simple sandy wash but still requires 4x4. Only 150 feet wide in the narrow spots, this path looks similar to some of the more popular freeways in Southern California. The reason is rather simple...people flock to this remote sand highway, not because of the drive, but where it takes you. The destination...Oldsmobile Hill. Probably the most popular gathering spot in Glamis, this jewel of the desert lies in the heart of Glamis / Imperial Sand Dunes located almost dead center between Wash Road and Gecko Road. During the more popular Weekends / holidays, it has been known for over 30,000 people to gather at specific moments or 100,000 people to gather over a two day stretch to hang out, enjoy each others' company, and show what they can or can't do on Oldsmobile Hill.

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