Arroyo Bus Trail

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Salton City, California (Imperial County)
Last Updated: 08/10/2022
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Ocotillo wells is filled with some unique, and exciting spots to wheel, with more than just one way to get to most of these spots. Most people like to head over to the 4x4 park and watch as people try to attempt the various hill climbs and tube climbs in the park. It has everything from stock vehicle obstacles to the outrageous obstacles you need a purpose built rig to even try. Enjoy the various trails or enjoy a weekend out camping with your friends and family! Ocotillo wells is home to Pumpkin Patch, Gas Domes, Shell Reef, and Devils Slide just to name a few. Get out and explore the miles of trails Ocotillo wells has to offer. Please remember if you head out in the summer months bring lots of water. The temps reach 120 in the daytime, come prepared and check the weather reports for the forecast.

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Trail Reviews

Visited: 09/06/2015

Took a trip down to Ocotillo Wells this weekend to spend some time running trails with the family. We decided to check out the Arroyo Bus Trail on our way out to the 4x4 Park and the Truckhaven Trail Saturday night. We started down to the Arroyo Salado Wash, as soon as we got into the wash we noticed that some major water had run through the wash during the last few weeks. The trail was a bit washed out and rutted in a few sections, but nothing to serious until we reached the fourth obstacle, the Flex Rut. Looks like a ton of water came through this section and created some new obstacles and deep holes. We jumped into this section blind and late in the day with the sun setting in our eyes, but we were ready for the new challenge that this section had for us. The line I run normally was more of a challenge this time, pushing my front tires into my flat fenders and at the same time pushing my rear tires deep into my plastic fenders. I was able to motor my way through the section with the help of my lockers and rock sliders. My buddy followed right behind me and found a new deep crevice the water had created, he encountered the same flex I did pushing his tires into the wheel wells. We both made it out of the Flex Rut section with no new body damage only to drop back into the Arroyo Salado Wash and noticed we were both driving lower in the wash than we had on previous trips. Taking a look at the bank we had noticed a foot or so had been washed away causing both banks to be higher than last time. The flash floods changed the terrain so much it is like getting to run a whole new trail!

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