MOAB Trails are in Danger of Closure

September 16, 2022
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We need your voice to help preserve 437 MILES of the most unique and beloved off-road trails in Moab.

For those that have been to Moab, you know the magic the area holds. It only takes a few minutes to submit your comments that could save these beautiful and unique trails. Submit your comments to the BLM

What exactly is happening?

The Labyrinth Rims / Gemini Bridges travel management process being conducted by the BLM’s Moab Field Office (expected to be completed by 2024) threatens many trails in the Moab area.  437 miles of amazing, stunning, and one-of-a-kind trails are at stake.  A new travel plan is being created for this area due to a lawsuit settlement with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA), which seeks to close as many trails as possible so that the land west of Moab can be managed as Wilderness.  The Grand County Commission and Moab city government are also calling for the BLM to close numerous popular 4x4 trails based on false allegations of “user conflicts” to convert them to hiking and mountain bike trails.

The BLM published the Draft Environmental Assessment on September 7, 2022, and is accepting public comments on the various alternatives until October 21, 2022, at the BLM websiteThe BLM will host a public meeting through Zoom on September 22, 2022, from 5:00-6:30 PM MDT.

CORE has put together a video discussing the details of the plan. If you care about Moab trails, we encourage you to take 30 minutes to watch the video and take action!

What you can do to help.

Please comment to oppose these closures and ask the BLM to keep all of these trails open to motorized use.  More information can be found on the Blue Ribbon Coalition’s website.   You can submit a comment either through Blue Ribbon’s action alert or write your own comment directly to the BLM hereThe deadline for comments is October 21, 2022.  A map of the route designations for each alternative is available here.

Which Trails are in Danger of Motor Vehicle Closure?

Many extremely popular 4x4 trails (including most of the Jeep Safari trails northwest of Moab) are at risk of closure, including Hey Joe Canyon, Ten Mile Canyon, Hell Roaring Canyon, Mineral Canyon, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail, Day Canyon Point, Dead Man Point, Hell Roaring Rim, Dry Fork Bull Canyon, Four Arches Canyon, the 7-Up trail, the 3D and Mashed Potatoes Jeep trails, the Dead Cow and Tubes motorcycle trails, and parts of Where Eagles Dare, Buttes and Towers, Wipe-Out Hill, and Sevenmile Mile Rim.

  1. Courthouse Rock aka Buttes and Towers 
  2. Sevenmile Rim 
  3. Above Sevenmile Canyon
  4. Wipe-Out Hill 
  5. Four Arches Canyon 
  6. Dry Fork Bull Canyon 
  7. Gold Bar Rim 
  8. Rusty Nail 
  9. Little Canyon 
  10. Golden Spike 
  11. Where Eagles Dare
  12. Day Canyon Point 
  13. Mineral Point to Spring Canyon Bottom 
  14. Mineral Point North Return via Hellroaring Rim
  15. Mineral Bottom Road 
  16. Mineral Canyon Road 
  17. Hellroaring Canyon North Rim Overlook 
  18. Deadman Point Road 
  19. D1511
  20. D1515
  21. Three Points
  22. Hey Joe Canyon 
  23. Spring Canyon North Overlooks
  24. Lost World Butte 
  25. Hidden Canyon 
  26. Mashed Potato 
  27. Hidden Canyon Overlook 
  28. Hidden Canyon Rim Escape 
  29. Salt Wash Trail 
  30. Lower Salt Wash
  31. Salt Wash
  32. Bartlett Overlook 
  33. Tusher Canyon 
  34. D2482
  35. Merrimac and Monitor Viewpoint
  36. Big Draw Trail 
  37. Taylor Canyon Rim 
  38. 10 Mile Point 

There are others in this area that we have not even had a chance to document yet. A few minutes of your time can really make a difference! 

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