Boathouse Cove Road

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Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County)
Last Updated: 01/15/2019

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Boathouse Cove Road is an off road trail located east of Las Vegas in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area(LMNRA). The LMNRA, operated by the National Park Service is located in both Nevada and Arizona. It follows the Colorado River corridor. The LMNRA includes Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, both reservoirs created by Hoover and Davis Dams plus their surrounding areas. Lake Mead was formed in 1935, less than a year before Hoover Dam construction was finished. In 1964, Congress approved the expanded area as the first National Recreation Area. This off road trail makes for a great day trip for some water fun, hiking and or camping. Just be sure to bring your trunks, food, drinks and some shade. The trail is an easy drive with awesome desert landscape. There are also beautiful views of Lake Mead as you approach the end of the trail. Some wildlife may be observed.

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Visited: 04/24/2016

It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas, so I decided to check out a few trails today to see how they held up after the winter and recent heavy rains. The were no dramatic changes to the trail until near the end point. The vegetation has grown and there were a few bigger washes and ruts that have made it more difficult to get close to the waterline.
Trail Review: Boathouse Cove Road - James and Mimi Nicholson
Trail Review: Boathouse Cove Road - James and Mimi Nicholson
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